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    BM Keys

    I would be grateful for this too if possible, only got the one key
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    M3 E46 New Owner

    I like the interior :thumbsup:
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    Windscreen replacement

    Same here, i wouldn’t pay all that for a windscreen. Back in 2013 I called autoglass and they dealt with it all including contacting my insurer, think the excess was about £70 back then.
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    Was a member long ago and a new member again

    Well done, that is a list of works done. Must be an absolute joy to drive
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    M3 E46 New Owner

    Welcome aboard, look forward to those pics when ready. Is it too early to ask if you have any plans for mods on this?
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    Castrol supercar oil great deal

    6L for £53.76! Result, thanks for the heads up
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    JB's scruffy Carbon Black 55 reg coupe

    Liking this, great thread:thumbsup:
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    Steering wheel re-trim

    @chrisgreen do you have a link for this and the tutorial video please?
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    E46 Exhaust hangers

    Need to replace two bad ones but will do all three whilst exhaust is off. Anyone got any available please before I go to the stealers?
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    Exhaust hanger driver side

    Is this still the same price?
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    BMW e46 m3 convertible

    I love that rear end pic :drool: GLWTS
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    Ever done this... fess up...

    Nearest I’ve done to that is toss an apple core into the bushes, never rubbish like that. Scumbag behaviour
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    New owner f80

    Welcome aboard, great purchase and a stunner of a car. What was the previous owner doing to that steering wheel, licking it? Your detailer brought that up a treat:thumbsup:
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    [F80 / F82 / F83] Newbie with an M4 CP

    Welcome, that’s stunning
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    New E46 M3 CS Owner

    Welcome aboard, that’s a stunner:cool: