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    SOLD 2011 BMW e92 M3

    Hi, I have a few questions, where are you located? How many previous owners? And has it been mechanically modified?
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    Individual E92 M3 Competition (£25000)

    Just for everyone else's visibility£20500.243019/ Do you know why rear seat belt is other way round? Nice rare colour.
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    F80 M3 2014 (Black) - 59161 miles (£28000)

    That's going to be a proper upgrade. 911 is an iconic car! Good luck with achieving it!
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    F80 M3 2014 (Black) - 59161 miles (£28000)

    It's a very nice car:) especially considering that people selling old e92 M3 with the same mileage for similar price! congratulations with the sale, if you don't mind, what are you going next for?