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Default Engine oil on boot carpet

I was carrying a 5 litre container of new oil in the boot, it was about 50% full and a small amount of this has leaked out onto the cars boot carpet.

What can I use to clean the carpet? I can get it out of the car but not sure what to use on the section with oil on it
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Sounds like you'll need something to break down the oil in any case, so I'd start with a diluted degreaser (e.g. Megs Super Degreaser) then move onto an APC of some description.

Degreasers wouldn't usually be recommended as a first choice for carpet cleaning, but for a heavy oil stain I'd give it a go. Pretty sure that's what the pros do
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I've used standard car snow foam/shampoo on these type of carpets before. Give them a scrub with nail brush or something and blast off with pressure washer. They tend to be rubber anyway so dry pretty quick.
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