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Originally Posted by Rapido View Post
Sorry to burst your bubble mate but I dont think thats an LCI E92 - its has the pre LCI rear lights. Nice looking car though
No bubbles to burst dont worry.

I think of mine as an LCI-Lite ... its got the N57 instead of the M57 and CIC/harddrive nav instead of the clunkier older CCC (so the important bits). LED rear clusters & steering wheel paddles are easy enough to swop out, plus i can add a combox to get the full LCI experience if needs be. I prefer the earlier 19's & smaller front lights anyways.

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Bit the bullet on a Le Mans Blue 325d today. It's got a M57 rather than an N as really only the very latest 325s came with an N57 and as a result are like hens teeth. I do mostly motorway driving so I wasn't fussed about the smoothness of the N engine quite so much, besides it might as well be electric compared to my current C220 CDI of about 20 years vintage. General consensus seems to be they are both pretty bullet proof. After seeing a few and speaking/meeting a few sellers I got a good vibe off this guy and the car is clean as a whistle.

I collect it later in the week once it's had an MOT and the geo tweaked. Lovely car, 2010 so quite recent and with all the LCI toys. Pretty good on the miles front too at 85k.

Thanks for the help. I'll do a swirl flap delete reasonably promptly then just drive it. Perhaps go for an EGR delete and map later in the year but the intention is to do as little as possible with it. I'll get some pictures up Friday!
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