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Originally Posted by JamesNL View Post
I'd just like to update on where I got to with mine.

I spent yesterday running a good 1.5ltrs of RBF600 through the circuits.


Bleed through furthest away caliper by normal pedal method with a mate in the drivers seat, approx 250ml through each caliper until fluid ran clearer.

Return to first caliper, trigger INPA ABS/DSC bleed, undo bleed nipple, assistant depresses pedal during DSC trigger process. Tighten nipple up and then assistant releases pedal. Repeat 3 times.

Move around the car from the passenger rear anti-clockwise to each caliper doing the same each time.

For me this has left me with a rock hard pedal and there was definitely a considerable amount of air that was released during the initial flush. The ABS/DSC didn't actually produce many bubbles at all but by the time I was finished there was absolutely not a single trace of air.

I'm finally happy with my M3's brakes!

I've just read that the brake bleeding routine is different between INPA and DIS, apparently the DIS bleeding routine is far better than INPA. Just in case it helps someone in the future.
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