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Originally Posted by ndj View Post
This simply isn't correct. It's no more valid than crap I read about "black cars don't sell" or "DCT is a must have" or "you must get individual audio".

The oldest E9x M3 is now ten years old, the youngest way outside of original warranty. Good original unmolested cars, which are reducing in numbers every month, will always retain value and sell well regardless of spec. And the more time goes by the more that applies.
Agree with this, the reality is for road driving its not gonna make any difference. No you don't need to put the edc on to get over a speed bump or use the throttle.

You need to decide what you want to spend and what colours you want and then find the best example you can. You would have to be an idiot to buy a car with 10k more miles because it has edc.

If it has it its a bonus that you will most likely never use if you are driving on public roads, if it doesn't you won't miss it.
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Originally Posted by ndj View Post
This simply isn't correct.
Possibly.. but when searching for mine I spoke to a certain main dealer, they said they usually avoid stocking non-EDC cars. Take from that what you will.
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A dealer will attract a certain type of person. A genuine enthusiast will more than likely buy privately as they can see through the bullshit of a main dealer.

The cars are old now, so the dealer isn't bothered about general condition/maintenance, as long as it ticks certain boxes that mean they can shift it onto someone else at a profit. They know there are people who will buy from a dealer just because.
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Summed your buying experience up there perfectly Alex.....
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Originally Posted by AlexZX View Post
What is EDC?
Are you actually for real?
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