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As usual Bmw are asking for an extortionate amount for gap insurance
Have been recommended

Anyone used them or had to make a claim with them?

Or can anyone recommend a good reputable company for gap
Insurance if god forbid i ever need to use it i dont want to have any problems or issues

Thanks in advance
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I used for my current car.
Did my usual due diligence and didn't come up with anything odd.
If you are getting a brand new spanker most decent insurance will give you a new replacement within the first 12 months.
Then you can take out gap for a further 3 years (or whatever) just before the first year is up.

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M Fifty
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As above. On a previous car, I showed up for Hand Over, to be greeted by the Finance Manager attempting to strong arm me into taking out their Gap Insurance. I had to say NO several times and make a point of reading the full T&Cs before they went away.

I mentioned this to the salesman on a subsequent car and pointed out how much the Which? recommended Gap Insurer had quoted me for the 54k car I was purchasing (139 for 2 years, starting 12 months after purchase...). I asked how much his Finance Manager might try to charge me for similar cover. 875.

Never buy this from the Main Dealer (nor wheel/tyre insurance, any kind of upholstery or paint protection...)
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