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Default V Brief B2B c/overs comparison MPS v AST

Was fortunate enough to meet up with a fellow M2 owner/fettler a couple of weekends ago.

We swapped cars so had an all-to-brief stint at the wheel of his cracking BSM M2 - fettled by Litchfield c/w AST c/overs - wearing 19" MPSC2's 245/265 F&R, spacers - 5mm F&R IIRC - plus F87CS ePAS and M4GTS MDM coded in.

My AW M2 DCT - no coding or spacers, MP c/overs at OEM specs + OEM MPSS 245/265 tyres and OEM -30min camber correction hubs.

My thoughts on AST v MP coilovers - as per thread on FB:-

I liked AST setup although felt softer than my MP coils even tho The AST car was running 19” MPSC2’s, stiffer than MPSS’s and had F87CS ePAS coded in.

Handling / road manners - too brief a drive to say.

IMHO - despite car having F87Comp or CS ePAS coded in - steering feel on mine (19” OE MPSS with MP coils and -30min camber correction hubs) was “meatier”. Rapid see-saw L&R of the steering wheel - repeated a few times - AST car’s helm not as responsive as mine.

AST BSM M2 Owner’s response on FB to my comments above:-

yep your set up was stiffer, I put that down to the rating of the KW springs compared to the AST’s,

I agree, those -30min M4 camber correction hubs make all the difference in the steering feeling. They do give the steering a meaty/heavier feel thats not synthetic, its almost like the car is trying to fight you to stay straight! I’ve driven a M2 with the KW/BMW fitted without the correction hubs and its night and day compared to yours.

I will be getting them fitted and pairing them with my newly acquired Trofeo R tyres.

Next time we can get the cars on the twists
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