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Mate if its as good as it looks in the photos its just a matter of time before someone snaps it up. After buying and owning an E46 M3 I can vouch (as I'm sure others can) that the market is full of absolute dogs. The E90 is at the age now where the same will apply.

You really don't want the sort of people looking at your car who are also considering the one down the road with "a few less miles on and a couple of grand cheaper". The dubious service history, fag burns in the carpets, repainted doors etc don't seem to come into it, to them yours is more expensive. Let them look at the others, someone genuine will come along it really is just a waiting game.

I'm 6 months to a year away from my next M3 purchase, which is sods law as if this was on the market then I'd be up to see you first thing the following morning.
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