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so i canceled my insurance because of losing my licence

got a letter saying i owe over 900, after loads of call, and a staff member telling me i WILL pay it, when i said i will not pay.

i get another letter saying in error i only owe 200, and i was very close to paying the 900

then in the last few weeks, i won a court case and a fault case turned to non fault

so phoned sky to get refund on being charged for a fault claim on my policy (which is now a non fault)

over the phone you say i will receive 750 refund, then you send a letter saying i will only get 450.

two occasions i have received or been told wrong information

should you not get the info correct before sending letters out?

i didnt have a problem with the insurance provided at the time and was happy with everything.
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Sorry to hear this. Would you mind PM'ing your name and postcode so I can investigate?

Thanks, Alex
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