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Originally Posted by j3nks79 View Post
These are bought by fat bald middle aged men that think they know about cars.
Typical hideous looking unsophisticated yank tanks.
I hate American cars. Not sure I got that point across
Lmfao! I nearly bought one to mess about with and I'm still in some of the groups! They are hilarious! So many problems with them! Awful service! They're rusty before you get them! Cheap quality! Awful mechanically! Rubbish engineering. The gearbox is ****e! Loads of old men pretending to know a lot without knowing anything! Some of the rubbish they come out with! Honestly I could tell you so much but I'd be here all day!

The only positive is the engine. The V8 is good!

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Borrowed a 5.0GT manual from Ford for a week. While it's not a patch on the m3 in most respects, there is a certain sense of theatre about it that's missing from the BMW. Whether it's the noise, the slightly agricultural controls or just the sheer size of it, it just feels outlandish.

Driving with an e92 owning friend, the GT holds its own on the straights, but where the bmw just scythes through corners, the Ford really is out of its comfort zone.

That said, it'll happily go sideways out of every junction, in a really lazy, almost slo-mo way, and leave a huge grin on your face. Plus, you'll soon be best mates with your local forecourt attendant.
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