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Default Road trip - waterless wash!?

Hi guys, Iím doing a road trip through France, Switzerland and Italy in June and just wondered what other people do to keep their cars clean on the trip? I wouldnít normally be too fussed but five of us are going and two of them are professional car photographers/videographers for top car companies/magazines/top gear etc and they want to take loads of pics and videos of all the cars. I therefore want to ensure itís as clean as possible for memorable phots etc. Iv read lots about waterless washing with very mixed reviews. The best products seem to be ONR and Meguiars Wash and wax anywhere. I would prefer not to go down this route but Iím guessing itís going to be difficult to find car washes on route and I donít want to take lots of buckets etc. I would value your thoughts on waterless wash products and if you think I should avoid them and try to find some places that will do it on route. Itís being detailed before I leave (one stage machine polish with ceramic coating). Thanks for your help and sorry for the long post!
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I use ONR all the time as I don’t have access to a hosepipe. It’s not as easy or powerful as a normal wash but it does work well
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Get yourself a Worx Hydroshot, some deep pile microfibres and some Gtechnic C2 and you're all set.
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You could take some gamma sealed buckets and do rinseless wash based on the amount of dirt on the car can give you a better option if they are soiled.

Check these out

waterless wash

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Originally Posted by Moonstone View Post
Get yourself a Worx Hydroshot, some deep pile microfibres and some Gtechnic C2 and you're all set.
This looks like a good shout... I also don't have access to an external hose/tap so I think this with a few buckets could be a good option for mine.
I'll have to look into some sort of filtration too so I don't get left with terrible smears!
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