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Default Buying a used van or pick up.

My car is taking such a hammering with mud and crap inside and out, it is untrue. I was driving back from the timber merchants today with 6 lengths of 400mm plywood touching my back window and resting on my dashboard.

Iím amazed I didnít scratch my seats or mark the soft touch plastics on my dash.

I really need to buy a cheapish van or pickup I can use for the duration of my build, then sell in the new year without losing too much money.

Can anyone recommend any good options?

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Iíve had an 11 plate vivaro for the past 5 years and it has been great. I know thereís not a lot of love for them but I can only speak from personal experience. Itís a sportive model so has all mod cons and most importantly Bluetooth which happens to be better than the m3s!
Iím actually selling it next month when my new van is delivered.
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Old 14th September 2018, 04:50 PM   #3
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buy small van for around £500 - £1000 as long as itís not battered and you donít intend to ruin it you should be able to sell it on for around the same money , be prepared to loose something though, citreon berlingo etc if they been looked after run forever, someone will always be looking out for a cheap van so quite easy to sell on
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Old 14th September 2018, 05:38 PM   #4
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Have had 3 Berlingos, engine is bullet proof
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Old 14th September 2018, 05:43 PM   #5
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Car: E92 fox red with a schwarz2 colour change. Jerez sucks.

Can't beat a Transit... before I shelled out for brand new ones in 2016/2017 - I ran 2007/2008 2.2 TDCi Mk7's (which I still have as backup). 200,000+ miles and still going strong, occasional breakdowns but certainly not money pits.
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Old 14th September 2018, 07:01 PM   #6
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Had most vans you can think of. Mk7 transit been the best so far.
Well vw transporter probably the best but not worth the extra cash they are asking for.
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