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Arrow OcUK Motors Meet: 3rd March 10am-4pm in Stoke!

OcUK HQ Motors Meet - Saturday 3rd March 2018

Hi all,

As mentioned previously, I'd like to kick off 2018 with an OcUK Motors Meet at the OcUK HQ in Stoke. [USER=6]@Gibbo[/USER] has kindly had all of this approved on his side and so we're good to go - you have my gratitude for sorting that, Gibbo!

So what will be taking place on the day?

- The OcUK Motors Meet in the OcUK HQ car park
- Passenger rides in willing Motors member's cars (national speed limit road around the corner from OcUK)
- Show and shine - awards for the cleanest and the dirtiest cars will be available
- Autobrite are planning to bring a fully kitted out van along to demo their products and have them available for sale

- Lunch - Pizza, drinks and lots of snacks will be available courtesy of OcUK !

- OCUK VR Motors Challenge
- Car and circuit to be decided on the day to prevent 100s of practice laps
- Fastest lap time wins a Noble Chair (model to be confirmed)
- Slowest lap time wins the opportunity to wash a member's wheels in the car park The member who sets the fastest lap gets to choose the wheels which require cleaning

- Other PC systems available on the day for attendees to play an assortment of the latest games

- OcUK Motors members who have registered on this thread can benefit from discounts on any hardware - including graphics cards on the day ! Graphics cards will only e discounted if for personal use for gaming - not mining or resale!

Hopefully these tick a few boxes for many on the OcUK Motors forum - but if you feel there is something that could be done to further enhance the day, please post something constructive.

Meet details:

Between 10:00-16:00
There is no fixed time to arrive for this meet, this is an all day meet so feel free to attend any time between 10am and 4pm, staying for as long as you like.


Overclockers UK

Extra information from Gibbo:
Toilette's: Though OcUK has rest rooms they are not for general public (insurance) as such we advise using Morrisons opposite.
Food: OcUK will supply pizza (Domino's at 12:30 - 13:30) and other snacks and beverages. Those seeking other food, morrisons opposite, fish and chips top of road, subway also, KFC and McDonalds too.
Discounts: Discounts on all hardware, anyone wanting a graphics card I will operate a strict policy of OcUK cost plus 8% margin, happy to show our cost on the day to any real potential buyer who wants a card for gaming. However as an example in the past 30 days our cost on a 1080Ti is now $120 than they were before new year and some even more, but any old stock we have the savings could be really big. But again must be for gaming.
Autobrite: I am asking if they wish to attend and show some products, but no promises.
OcUK car park: Is huge, can easily accomodate 100+ cars, however strictly no driving fast, donuts etc. We are surrounded by fast roads which you can play on.
Tour: Anyone who would like a tour of OcUK's internal operation just ask a member of staff and they shall take small groups around.

So get your name down for what should be a decent day! Please be sure to state your car's make and model.

Thanks !

  1. [USER=6]@Gibbo[/USER] - Jaaaaag SVR
  2. [USER=14361]@ScoobyDoo69[/USER] - Scoobeh
  3. [USER=98118]@tweedbean[/USER] - MINI of choice
  4. [USER=151327]@kindai[/USER] - GeeTeeArr
  5. [USER=102856]@valkia[/USER] - Audi S4 V8
  6. [USER=14757]@Ace Modder[/USER] - Nismo 370Z
  7. [USER=107805]@ReAPeR101[/USER] - GeeTeeArr
  8. [USER=167680]@Warranty_V0id[/USER] - Audi TTRS
  9. [USER=19176]@Skully[/USER] - Skoda Octavia vRS 230
  10. [USER=69384]@scaza[/USER] - Mazda MX-5
  11. [USER=35276]@nicRob[/USER] - Fiat Coupe
  12. Mac - Whipple 'Stang
  13. [USER=6]@Gibbo[/USER] - M3 Track Day Fresh Paint Special Sauce
  14. [USER=32798]@Scania[/USER] - E38 BMW 735i
  15. [USER=30782]@Havana_UK[/USER] - F80 BMW M3
  16. [USER=754]@Lowe[/USER] - Toyota GT86
  17. [USER=62818]@rjk[/USER] - Winged Honda S2000
  18. [USER=63090]@Rainmaker[/USER] - Skoda Superb vRS 220
  19. [USER=2085]@Phil W[/USER] - Subaru Impreza WRX STi
  20. [USER=58715]@Crowze[/USER] - Lexus GS 450h or bike
  21. [USER=190327]@LukeSi[/USER] - Renault Clio 182
  22. [USER=18585]@tom_e[/USER] - Bike
  23. [USER=14295]@paradigm[/USER] - Audi S3 Saloon
  24. [USER=116272]@Regy53[/USER] - Audi R8
  25. [USER=120572]@Flack88[/USER] - Toyota Glanza V
  26. [USER=47953]@Housey[/USER] - Audi R8 V10
  27. [USER=1593]@Sone[/USER] - Mk4 Ford Mondeo
  28. [USER=166496]@skaif[/USER] - "Corsair" VXR
  29. [USER=102242]@Clarkson[/USER] - Nissan 350Z
  30. [USER=174793]@VinceValentine[/USER] - Jaguar XFS
  31. [USER=159899]@Delta3D[/USER] - Seat Ibiza FR
  32. [USER=30466]@Lustral[/USER] - VW Golf R
  33. [USER=441]@Meridian[/USER] - Subaru Impreza WRX STi
  34. [USER=116992]@T0pPredator[/USER] - E30 BMW
  35. [USER=118133]@Acme[/USER] - Corolla T-Sport

This is a meet for all brands, the meet is also on social media and several are attending from their including various BMW groups. We are expecting at least 50+ cars and most likely 100+

We also hope to have Autrobrite car care attend as well along with maybe Red Bull.
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