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Default S50 M3 Tick-Over

I was tinkering with the M3 yesterday, as it is the first chance I have had since buying the car.

Mine has had the aux air pump removed and so the vacuum lines are not entirely standard.

It dives well, with very strong power and has a lovely smooth tickover, which is at the correct level. I just notice when lifting off that it is slower to drop revs than I would like, as if there is a little too much damping to the throttle shutting and revs declining. I thought at first the cable might be a bit on the tight side, but it isn't that. It manifests itself that the car just tries to shunt you on a bit more than you'd like, say in town or going slowly generally, making you want to select a lower gear so the slightly higher momentary revs are less of an issue.

Assuming there is nothing actually sticking with the linkage, which I don't believe there is, does anyone have any ideas as to what might be causing this feeling please? I reiterate that after the couple of seconds it takes to get down to its tickover, this is as smooth as silk and not too fast either. It just takes a while to decline to the correct level.

Any help greatly appreciated, as ever.
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