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Default 3 month review

Coming up to 3 months since buying my E92 now and I rarely post my own threads on here so just thought I'd share my thoughts and a few pics.

I had tried to make do with an E46 M3 (SMG) for the previous year but really never gelled with it, the engine made a lovely rasp but the gearbox felt dated and the ride was very busy for a daily driver. I sold it after just less than a year of ownership and began the hunt for an E92.

I was concerned after wanting one for so long that I had just put it up on a pedestal and that the reality of owning and driving one wouldn't match up to the expectations that I had.

After not too lengthy a search, a member on here PM'd me about his E92 - specifically a Monte Carlo Edition model with DCT. I'd seen a couple advertised and this model was at the top of my list - I love the colour and the relative rarity, and this had a few bits of spec that I really wanted (DCT, EDC, CIC, Power fold mirrors and more).

My immediate impressions were very positive; a much more refined and less busy car to be in than an E46, on all kinds of roads. Much more grunt and a much better soundtrack. Much more modern inside though still very 3-series-ey of course. It feels better built that my E46, though I think quality is a bit hit and miss for some (re. interior rattles etc).

So after 3 months I'm finally feeling a bit more at ease with the car.

On the chassis front, it feels bigger and heavier than the E46 (duh!) but its still very capable. I leave the EDC in comfort 95% of the time and it really suits the car. The steering has less feel but the rack is quicker and once you load the suspension up there's a good sensation of what the front end is doing. I really like the servotronic, makes low speed stuff effortless but gives you some weight back at speed. I'm getting used to the size and weight of the car and starting to enjoy turning DSC off and allowing things to just go with the flow, where at first it was quite intimidating! I find that when allowing the back end to move around, the E92 picks up pace a LOT quicker than the E46 used to, and it's easy to let it catch you out.

The engine - this is an absolute great. I know people fret about actuators and rod bearings but all told they seem to have a decent reliability record. I've covered around 2k mixed miles in just under 3 months; I've had complete reliability and I love it in all situations. It doesn't lack torque at all, regardless of what any E92 335 or F8X people may say and that sensation of a linear increase in power (and V8 screaming towards an 8400rpm rev limit!) is not going to be easily replicated in the future. I may go for a primary cat delete/remap at some point but as standard it's more than adequate for me. Induction note is fantastic, exhaust a bit subdued... for now.

Gearbox - DCT is of course streets ahead of the old SMG box and there's a reason they're so popular - they're awesome. I'm so glad I opted for the DCT as it plays the effortless lazy auto so well in D2 mode before turning total hooligan in S5/S6 mode. The GTS software makes the auto mode even more smart and the downshift blips are a pleasure too.

Interior-wise - I really like it. I think its still suitably driver-oriented and the CIC Idrive system feels surprisingly modern for 9+ year old tech. I don't mind the double-hump dash and although some dislike it, I prefer it to the stuck-on-tablet designs that are quite popular at present. I've just updated the Nav maps and it is perfectly usable and still a nice feature to have.

All in all, I'm really enjoying the car and am pleasantly surprised that its meeting all my expectations. I can't wait to get out in it on some more drives for pure pleasure (wales, scotland, europe all trips I'm intent on). I've been forced in to using it more for daily duties than I expected due to circumstances with other cars, but where the E46 could be a chore at times, this has been a pleasure.

I know most here will already have or have had e92s or at least have their own opinions on them, but I thought I'd share mine anyway.

I gave the car a bit of a once over with some SRP and Soft99 Fusso to get it looking a bit better; it could do with a full paint correction but again that's lower down on the to-do list. Here's some pics; cheers for reading.

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Great write up.

I love the colour combo, it looks like new and the interior barely used! Great spec!

I air the same views - my first M3 and everytime it makes me smile, more so since the 2-pipe mod. The noise is not only exhilarating but encouraging, hitting though gear change lights is so exciting!

The way it just bangs the gear in is relentless you really need to be confident on the road and it shifts with serious pace!

I love it, I enjoy it everywhere everytime.

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Lovely looking example.

Even better with the silver wheels..

its the engine that really makes the E92 in my opinion.
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Superb write up, beautiful car. All the best with her
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Having owned mine for the last couple of months or so, I agree entirely with pretty much *everything* you have just written.
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You will love it even more once the summer comes around and you have decent dry roads to go play on Thanks for taking the time to do the write up.
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Great write up, I to am coming up to my first month and lovely it.
Looking forward to taking some pictures in the sunshine
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