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Default WARNING TO ALL - Beware of scammers operating on forums

Please beware of scammers operating on forums.

There have been a few complaints of users getting PM's from scammers on here requesting payment for items by moneygram or paypal gift, or similar (western union, etc, all the unusual non-secure methods)

Please do not send any money using these payment methods to anyone, unless you know and trust them 100%.

I would advise all members to fully satisfy themselves that the item offered for sale is real, and exists, before handing any monies over.

It is in the best interests of the buyer (and seller) to try and view any items for sale, in person, where possible. Where this isn't possible, it may be worth asking the seller to take fresh pics of the item for sale, with todays newspaper in the background, or for example, a picture of the item infront of their computer, with M3cutters forum page open on the screen, showing a recent thread/topic.

Hope this is good advice for all.
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I have seen a thread on here but cannot locate it now I am searching but this location is best - fellow cutters are seemingly quite shrewd, thankfully, in avoiding the scammer and his underhand tactics.

Limiting access to messaging, posting etc would definitely ruin the support aspects that has led me to some very successful advice and work carried out on my M3. A 'ha'path of tar to ruin the ship' an old saying but rings correct even today. It is not without significant care and diligence in this digital age, a tempting ruse of cash sales for parts or cars leads people, us, astray to make deal stick, only to be left empty handed.

Genuinely, I have to say, that this site has a fantastic feel/ atmosphere to it, and people are not shy to say publically when something is not right, a scammer in operation etc...

Keep your eyes peeled, when a deal feels it is too good to be true, it generally is...
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