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Irock Leo
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Default E46 M3 SMG to Manual Conversions

Hello guys,

If you are thinking of converting you e46 m3 from SMG gearbox to manual please give us a call or write me here .
We do the conversion as neat as possible and you will basically forget your car was an SMG not long ago.
We only charge 1000 in labour and 200 for codding and programing
We only use OEM BMW parts and we charge 500 for all we need to do the conversion.
Then there is a choice when it comes to the gearbox , you can either source a manual and sell your SMG or source a manual bellhousing from a damaged manual gearbox and swap it on your smg box or 3rd option : we colaborate with a supplier in the USA who can part exchange your smg bellhousing for a manual one.

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On the path
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How about a price for fitting a CAE Shifter to the SMG ?

As it has centring lockout and no need to drop the SMG gearbox at all then just plug and play

Quoted from USA M3Forum..........

"Didn't remove the trans whatsoever. Simply removed all the SMG garbage, installed the clutch pedal, ran the lines and bolted up the shifter.

We also used a 3.25" (83mm) hole saw to quickly open up the trans tunnel then coding done"

Would love your price please for this as it seems a really straight forward job and I want a CAE shifter anyway so win win!

Edited to add = RTD also do a lockout gearshift so RTD/CAE both work perfectly LINK -

Speak soon Guys

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Irock Leo
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Car: bmw e46 m3

Hi Tyler ,

We can certainly do it this way aswell.
If we don't have to tap the gear recognition sensor location (we don't have to take gearbox out) the price for labour will be 950 including coding.

If we have to tap that sensor location then the price is the same as doing it in a traditional way; 1200 including coding.

Your big saving is that you don't have to buy another gearbox/bellhousing really , which is a massive relief.

Please let me know if you would like to book in and i will have a look at available dates.


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