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Originally Posted by Vasilis View Post
yup mine moves closer to 100 with the aircon on.
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My old 53 plate m3 went over 100 degrees on the oil easily with hard driving but my 2002 is very hard to get it over 100, every cars different and the senders my be a tad optimistic.

I think my thermostat is on its way out as I'm only just over the first white dot when warm and if I use the heater it drops down, and yeah I remember reading about the water gauge can move right up in extreme situations
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Originally Posted by JamesHirst View Post
both of mine have never gone above half way. ive been stuck in traffic today for a bit. 30 degrees outside and still at half way
mine doesn't do it in start-stop traffic, it's mostly uphill and under acceleration....
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Iv just had this issue and it turned out to be the aux fan not working at all.

I'd check that it works with air con on but I do know it also activates if your car starts getting to hot to assist the engine fan.
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