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Thanks for the reply Cardoc, I was expecting you to say no track use and no short runs. but that's some really useful info.
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Originally Posted by Cardoc View Post
Nothing out of the ordinary.
2011 Competition Pack DCT (Nov 2010 Build Date)
I do an intermittent oil and filter change every 7-8k (so roughly half way between main dealer services). I always wait until ECP or someone has a 50% 'flash sale' as they seem to do every other day and buy oil and filters that way. Cheap as chips...sort of. I think I usually pay around 35 quid each for 4litre bottles.

Castrol Oil. Edge Titanium 10w-60. Have used this since new. I bought the car AUC at 23k miles and i know BMW were using Castrol at that time when servicing. I have continued since. I think maybe once they used their 'own brand' which I believe is Shell now? before i realised they had changed suppliers, anyway, I've insisted on Castrol since, going so far to supply my own oil.

Have followed the same warm up procedure religiously. Start car and just take it easy until the oil is 75/80 deg c, keeping revs below 3k.

Have periodically done a few track days and had a trip to the Ring twice, but just for fun really. Never 'really' pushed the car in that respect.

Lots of short runs (school pick ups, shops etc) but also lots of motorway miles, although that has come down a lot recently.

Co-incidentally, while doing the big miles, my battery lasted 7 years... as soon as I dropped milage and using the car for long trips so much... car started throwing battery related codes regularly, so I've recently changed that.

As far as 'driving hard' probably not. As I said, I warm up 'properly'. And by that I mean I start the car and move off after around 20 seconds, so everything is getting warmed up. Remember, the Diff and Gearbox have oil in too, no point in sitting in your car warming up the engine for a couple of minutes like some do, then flooring it... your diff and gearbox are stone cold!
Get them moving slowly and warming up at the same time as the engine, not playing catch up!

That's what I've done anyway and it seems to have looked after me, all common sense stuff really.

I've had a brake vacuum sensor go this year and I'm about to replace the 4 lambda sensors, for no other reason than they are nearly 8 years old and 130 thousand miles!

A very well cared for car. Good work.

That's the same warm up routine as me and I use my car very similarly. Although my car has never had oil and filter changes in between main dealer recommendations and mine is still going strong on 93k. Definitely doesn't hurt though.

The only problem I had was the battery, as you said. Mine started to show issues where the comfort entry wouldn't work so I knew it was on it's way out. But me having a very relaxed attitude about it, I ended up paying the price!
I was in slow moving, heavy traffic on the south circular. Just got across one of the busiest junctions and the car died and was stuck in gear too
It threw up a drivetrain malfunction warning so I was terrified to was a gearbox issue.

Plenty of helpful people asked if I wanted a push but as it was in gear there was no way it was moving. And it took 4 hours for RAC to come and recover me. I head my head in my hands when lorries and buses were having to swing right around it to get past. It was terrifying!!

If only I'd known at the time that it was the battery I would have just swallowed the extortionate RAC price for a new one but both me and the RAC guy agreed that due to the fault it flashed up, it was probably best not to try and jump start it in case there was a gearbox fault.

You would not believe the relief when I got home, charged the battery right up and it fired straight up!!!
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96k miles on mine and it genuinely feels as tight and well put together as my 30k 335i I had a few years back - people are always amazed that it's done almost 100k miles. The E92 is so much better built than the E46 was - and I had 3 E46 cars some high mileage and older, some low mileage and younger.

My nerve isn't holding out any longer and i'm going to get the rod bearings done in the next couple of months. I hate that I've given in to internet scaremongering, but to be honest, when I come to sell it in a few years it'll should hopefully be a big selling point as people are going to be very wary (rightly or wrongly) of a ~130k mile car which hasn't had it done. So hopefully i'll get (some of) the cost back when I sell it.

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Originally Posted by Alex5000 View Post
This is a great find
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Also interested to know what the highest mileage F80 is out there? Mines on 42k (2015 M3)
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