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Default E36 328 Track car for sale

Great budget e36 328 track car, tried & proven, I’ve owned this for 7 years, it’s not too hard or harsh on road as a daily drive & it’s been no problem driven back on a couple of Spa & Ring trips & its nimble & quick rwd fun on track, parts are cheap & its light on consumables.

Enjoy as it is or it’s easy to make more hard core- I have another of these at a higher spec so can show you & talk you through it.

12 months MOT done this wk & it’s ready to take on track tomorrow

I’ll be honest & say the pics are flattering, it’s not a minty mint concours car show winning car but is a presentable & solid track car.

DN16H_0240R by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
DN16E_0180R by teamlizardracing, on Flickr

DN16I_0576R by teamlizardracing, on Flickr

IMG_20180620_163800 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
IMG_20180620_163809 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr

IMG_20180620_163818 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
IMG_20180620_171419 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
IMG_20180620_171515 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
IMG_20180620_171535 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
IMG_20180620_171545 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr
IMG_20180620_171556 by teamlizardracing, on Flickr


Running gear-

Low miles 328 engine from a low miles automatic, this engine has only done 2 pretty short trackdays & seems excellent.
M50 inlet manifold conversion.
Large throttle body.
New radiator.
3.15 ratio Limited Slip Differential, from M3 3.0 (is 2.93 open dif as standard, far too high geared). Has additional dif breather tube installed.
Braided clutch line & CDV delete
Ace Engineering gearbox breather

On the old engine with an Enda ecu map it made 228bhp & 221bhp on the stock ecu on a known to be conservative (H dev in Newbury) Dyno Dynamics dyno- my healthy 3.0 e36 M3 road car made 265bhp as an example, this engine feels at least as good as the old & perhaps even better,. I’ve not re dynoed it yet but I‘d expect similar figures, & it goes well at 1200kg,with an Enda map & an M3 system inc manifolds like my more hardcore 328 has & this should match it’s 241bhp.


BC Racing height & damping adjustable coilovers, with adjustable camber plates/top mounts
Most bushes replaced inc the rear trailing arm bushes recently, M3 offset bushes in front wishbones.
X underside brace


New & un-tracked EBC yellow stuff pads on rear, Fronts are Performance Friction pads, can’t remember which spec, extra brake cooling ducts added. Braided stainless hoses, front discs are recent & OE spec.


15 Inch wheels with as new Yokohama A048 medium compound track tyres (150 each new)
I will throw in a set of 17 inch wheels for use with slicks etc


6-point (Auto Power USA) cage
Pair of Sparco 4-point harnesses.
Pair of Sparco bucket seats, only a couple of years old, driver side is on sliders for easy different height driver swaps & is currently mounted low for a tall driver, I have another slider option if you are a short arse
Still with dashboard, electric windows heater etc


Also 2 additional sets of wheels 1x 15 inch set with ok Yokohama A048s, & as mentioned above some 17 inch spare wheels bare. I'll throw in a full set of spare worn get you home brake pads, or would manage an extra gentle day on track if you are otherwise stuffed, are EBC yellows front & rear, which I've always got on fine with on this- were peanuts to buy on racers discount.

Price wise these are tough to get right, are a couple around at the 5k level, one nicer but un-caged, so that's an extra grand easily on that, maybe I've under priced but seems realistic to me.


Located Newbury Berks.

Alex 07880552886

I've no doubt forgotten something, so just ask.

Here’s a video from on board Niges car following me at Thruxton

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God that looks just like mine before it got bent in half at Bedford.

GLWTS - I've forwarded this to a mate just in case.
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