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Wtf. This has gone slightly off topic.
Main dealers are a nightmare for this kinda ****.
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Originally Posted by sinie View Post
Wtf. This has gone slightly off topic.
Main dealers are a nightmare for this kinda ****.
I spoke to the dealer principle and he sounded like he didnít give a damn. Didnít apologise once or want to resolve it.

Iím telling him how dumb and stupid his employees acted, and nothing.

After my 6th call to Dvla, they decided to handle it there and then and it got resolved in an hour. If I hadnít done all these calls, they would of ended up sending the wrong log book again, as there cover letter was wrong.

I am pretty sure Iím entitled to some compensation for my time spent on this, but not sure how to do this. Might call him on Monday and ask for it politely and if he refuses, I will follow up with a letter and court.

Sick and tired dealing with companies. Got another issue with the estate agent who is dealing with one of my flats. Complete dumb idiots.

Problem is, no one gives a damn about their jobs, as long as they get paid. And the pay is rubbish, in comparison to how much things cost now. Like property, insurance, phones etc.

Companies are profiting wrongly, and everyone is getting screwed, including the employees.
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