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Originally Posted by AWilson9 View Post
Air filter, spark plugs, fuel filter - all will have played a part no doubt. But that being said I did my own valve clearances and 6 needed changing. It sounded very slightly better.. It still needs doing even if there's no noticeable difference.
Of course, forgot the plugs! I'm sure they did play a part.
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Originally Posted by PMed View Post
At my first inspection service owning this car, when it had roughly 100k miles, Redish changed 16 out of the 24 shims. It made a big difference!

It had probably never been done, despite the BMW stamps in the service book.
. personally found only about six just out of spec mainly exhaust, to be honest prity much did all 0n my motor , to just above minimum setting, but really didn’t need to. But Time consuming to do Unless well practiced, on this motor all original shims upto 68k, it’s pretty much a mater of trust that last tec spent time doing them to spec, hopefully they do get the time in a profit driven workshop, be interesting to know what time is given to do a perfectly even shim setup

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