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Default E90 Battery coding

Hi - I'm changing a battery on a mate's e90. In fact - he changed it but it keeps going flat - and I think it's because he didnt register it properly. I've registered and coded batteries in my Dad's E92 - but on this car, the battery my mate bought has a higher Ah than the original bmw battery (so I need to code it in NCS) - but the guide I've previously used states that there are only certain Ah settings which the car will "take" - or it won't code correctly (I tried to code the 110Ah but it didnt work...).

The battery is rated at 100Ah whereas I think the car will "take" (as in, let me code....) 90Ah or 110Ah options (and some lower and higher options.... but not 100Ah).

I think the answer is obvious - but do I need to use the lower 90 Ah figure rather than the higher figure so as to ensure I don't overcharge the battery?

Grateful for any experience with this!
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mine is 100ah...the bmw specialist code it at 90ah and it been fine for the 4 years since it was fitted
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