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Default E46 ///M3 Faq's

1. Performance
1.1. Sport Mode/DSC

1.1.1. On the Competition Package M3 (code ZCP) the button on the steering wheel is "M Track Mode". It is a tuned down version of the DSC that allows higher tolerances before kicking in. It is a nice alternative to turning off the DSC which seems to kill engine power any time I take off from a light quickly
1.1.2. If you want to really enjoy your M, hold the DSC button down for greater than 5 seconds, and let her fly. There is no interference from the computer, so you can take off as quick as you want and accidentally burn some rubber at the same time. Have fun. Clarification: On ZCP cars, the only way you will ever COMPLETELY disable traction control is to hold the DSC button greater than 5 seconds. If you just tap it, it only partially disables the traction control (only applies brakes but no power loss). I believe this is another difference between ZCP and standard M's.
1.1.3. The gas pedal is normally mapped (fuel flow vs pedal travel) using the sport button, with kind of a logarithmic curve, so that the fuel applied for a given amount of pedal push is initially less (helps smoothness around town), but at the endpoint, is still able to reach full throttle, because the curve gets steeper as the pedal approaches the end of its travel (think of it like a quarter-pipe ramp). By contrast, with sport mode on, the mapping is more linear, so that half pedal travel gives you half throttle (and so on), but full throttle is still at full pedal travel (pedal to the floor), not, as you have suggested, halfway to the floor.
1.1.4. Hold DSC button in for more than 20 sec, DSC sign goes off and cannot be turned back on again unless car is restarted, car goes into service mode, can be dynoed up to redline and all electronic systems are off
1.2. Fun Facts
1.2.1. If you use higher octane fuel up to 96, it will advance your timing by 2 degrees or so I'm told.
1.2.2. At a certain higher RPM the ac compressor turns off if your running the ac to give more power to the car.
1.2.3. I didn't know that I could embarrass gas guzzling V8's off the line, and still get 25 mpg on the freeway!
1.2.4. Regardless of whether you have SMG or not, if you hold the gas down while on the highway, you can make flashing blue lights appear behind you!
1.2.5. Also something that I noticed on my 6speed manual, is that if you are driving fast or revving the engine and start downshifting the car protects 1st gear so you wont engage it by accident at hi rpm's. When RPMs and speed are low enough it allows you to shift down. This is because 1st gear doesn't have synchro's so you must rev-match the engine to engage 1st gear.
1.3. SMG Models On SMG M3s, feathering your throttle when stopped can bring RPMs up to about 3k without engaging clutch. Then mash pedal to drop clutch. Not recommended but fun. In SMG cars you can hold the left (downshift) paddle when on an incline and the car will hold steady so you dont roll back into the car behind you. When on a steep incline and stopped, you hold in the downshift paddle for a few seconds, and the revs will increase to about 1300 rpm. Then release it, and the revs will hold, until you let off the brake and give it a little gas. On SMG m3s, aggressive driving will result in automatic throttle blips on down shifts...the same can be produced by hitting the throttle on downshift thus allowing the driver to determine the throttle blip rpm amount when down shifting. With SMG in auto u can down shift by tapping the acceleration pedal. and I think it is also learning your driving. Most handy item to note here (IMHO). In S mode on SMG, lights on tach will light up in an increased fashion when it is best to shift. This starts at about 7.5k and increases until redline. Best shift is in this range. I am still trying to figure out exactly when! Be careful, watch the road! The shift lights, while useful, are something of a novelty and I wouldn't get too accustomed to watching them when you're pushing deep into the rev band. They actually start at 4,500 rpm ... at 8,000 rpm you'll see red, which is not a good thing. The system won't allow you to blow your motor, but piston speeds north of 7,600 rpm or so are really in the extreme range, and you don't want to spend very much time there if you value your motor. They originally put this into the owners manuals but later took it out, I dont blame them. This will allow you to rev up and hold the rev's until you drop the shift knob. It then dumps all power to the wheels. Sweet for racing. Computer only allows it to be done 7 times per clutch pack (if Iím not mistaken) for SMG trans only: increase your shift timing to the fastest setting (all bars) then turn off your traction control. Then increase shift timing one more time - this puts you in launch control. I take no responsibility for your inability to drive or control your car. this is no joke. if you dont know what your doing... then dont do it at all. You can shift into gear if the hood is open, but the gear indicator will keep flashing. I found that out one day driving home...I later found out the hood wasn't completely closed. If you shift the SMG gear from 1 to 0 or N with the car accelerating (or with the gas pressed), it will not disengage until you lift the gas.

2. Cold Weather/Starting
2.1. Not all Ms came equipped with the CSF (lucky for me mine did). The ones who got this and didnt want it, There is not a way to fully disable it. Here is what it does,
Cold Start Function: Turn your car on during a cold start enables the car not to start, disable this function by turning your key back in the off position and restart the car, car will start up.. Note if your car doesnt start up after the second time Something is wrong with your CSF
2.2. If you wait before taking off and listen closely, about 45 sec or so after starting the car, you will hear a slight buzzing sound (some sort of re-mapping going on, not sure). If you then proceed, the car will run smoothly when you first take off. So, this is what I do, always let idle 45sec or so till I hear that before taking off. If I donít wait (I have an '05 coupe 6 spd.), my car will tend to "cough" and run rough, "buck" a little, coming out of the garage for a bit when the car is cold (i.e. with most or all of the temp lights illuminated overnight).
2.3. My rear window defroster automatically comes on at start-up when the outside temp is below 3˚C. The dash display also goes to outside temp, flashes and beeps any time (while driving) it's below 3˚C.
2.4. Spray nozzles are heated as well as mirrors. wiper nozzles, door locks, and mirrors are all heated. Door locks heat when the car is prevent the locks from freezing so you can get in...may be based on OA temp
2.5. The rearview mirrors are heated. I think it's a standard feature for all cars (according to my window sticker).

3. Interior Lighting
3.1. The light pattern on the test gauge shows an E46 3-series sedan
3.2. Pathway or "Follow Me" lighting is engaged by turning off car, taking keys from ignition, and then pulling back on the high beam stalk. Headlights will stay on about a minute after.
3.3. The dome lights can be disabled by holding down the main dome light switch for about 10 seconds. Holding the switch for the same amount of time will enable it again.
3.4. The red lights are more of a "filler" light for driving, and I wouldn't consider them part of dome lighting. I don't know how to disable them. They can be dimmed, however, but all the other dash lights will be dimmed at the same time.
3.5. The dimming option for Ms with navigations can be set from the 'Settings' menu on your navigation screen.
3.6. The nice thing the M3 does is turn off the lights before the battery dies if you leave the car door open.
3.7. At night when you have your lights on, the numbers on the shifter light up. (if you have a manual)
3.8. The sensor next to the headlight switch is for detecting lighting condition for the instrument and navigation, if you put your finger on the sensor at daylight, you will see it dimmed. Or if you put a flashlight and shine it during nighttime, it will be come brighter.
4. Exterior Lighting
4.1. When parked keys out of the ignition, and lights off. Move the turn signal stock up or down and the parking lights on the corresponding side will illuminate. These are called standing lights as referenced in the manual and draw very little voltage. I know a few people that have left them on all night when parked on the side of the street.
4.2. After removing key from ignition if you flash your high beams your lights will stay on for about a minute.
4.3. If you are in an accident the hazard lights automatically come on.... My bro just went thru a bad 360 spin and a flip totaling his car
4.4. When using the "Automatic" mode for your headlights, you can override and get the lights to come on during the day by hitting the Fog Light button. This comes in handy if you want the lights on and don't want to switch to the "On" setting which could result in a battery test if you don't remember to turn it off.
4.5. Another feature you can have is Day time running lights activated at the dealer or deactivated if you want to.
4.6. The headlight washer will run once every 5 times when you wash your windshield with the headlight on.
4.7. How about the way that the washer fluid reservoir pulls up near the passenger side headlight so you can easily access the bulbs. This is helpful when replacing the bulbs otherwise it'd be one heck of a fit.
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5. Locks/Alarms
5.1. Pressing the lock button once on the remote locks all doors and activate the alarm. Pressing it again a second time will deactivate the motion sensor inside the car while still keeping all doors locked and alarm on. The top red doom light will come on again. Useful if dog is left in the car while you need to make a quick run.
5.2. Roll down your windows, get out of the car and lock the car. Once the car alarm is armed, put you hand inside the car via the open window and the motion will trigger the alarm. It takes about 30-45 seconds for it to arm. It is not instantaneous. Also, if you don't want the interior sensor to arm, just hit the lock button twice when you lock the car and the alarm is armed sans sensor.
5.3. I had the stealer program BOTH doors to unlock/lock at the same time. I didn't like having to hit the button twice all the time to unlock the door for my girl.
5.4. If your parked with the engine off, and u have the key in the ignition - and the door open = There is a warning beeping. But if you take the key out and re-insert it -- the beeping stops. small detail - but I like it - especially when I'm cleaning the car and want tunes with the doors open.
5.5. For those with the factory alarm. You can arm the alarm with the passenger door, trunk and hood open as long as the Driver’s door is closed. So for example, if you have a lot of things to get out your trunk, and cant arm the car and hold your things that you have in the trunk and closing the trunk, you can pop the trunk, turn off your car, get out, close the driver door and arm the alarm and get your things out the trunk. Once you close the trunk the alarm will arm itself.
5.6. When you go to get valet parking, you should give the valet the plastic key that is inside your glove box, or inside where you keep your manuals and radio code. Never keep info about yourself in the glove box. Reason: if you give the valet the real key, he could dip the key in oil, make a copy, get your address from your registration/insurance papers in the glove box, and in a few days or less, someone will walk right up to your car in your drive way, unlock it, and drive off. The valet key still unlocks the doors, just not your glove box... and you can't drive off with a fake M3 key, There is still a chip in the plastic key for the ignition authorization. Also, you don't need a key to get inside an M3, just need one to start it. Hammer and screwdriver work just fine on the door, hence the Key Fob delete being so popular. Keeping this key in your car is a BAD idea, A member here had his car broken into and while the thief was looking for jewelry find the key and off he went to total it.
5.7. Just discovered something today while I was at lunch hitting a few golf balls. I didn't know that If you lock the glove box the only way that you can open the trunk is with the key. When the glove box is locked the release pad doesn't operate. Neither does the truck release next to the hood release. I just wanted to lock my wallet in the glove box because I was leaving the top down. I thought to myself " Oh great the trunk is broke how am I going to get my clubs out "
5.8. If you are adding gas and lock the doors to go pay, and then place gas nozzle away, you are not able to fully close gas door because doors are locked. I though mine was frozen because it was so cold out and turned out that I had my doors lock which included the small gas door.
5.9. Instead of having the function that unlocks the drivers door on the first press of the remote button and "unlock" the rest of the car upon the second press (called selective unlocking) you can have another function instead called "Entrance Aid". Which means if you hit unlock twice within 5 sec it will drop the drivers window all the way down as you open the door, then rolls it back up again when you've closed the door. This is especially useful if someone has parked too close to your drivers door as it makes being able to get into the car so much easier when the windows not there. This option is obviously for two door models only.
5.10. I found about a month after buying my car that the second push of the remote not only unlocks the passenger door but also enables the finger pressure sensor so you can open (unlatch) the trunk lid just by lifting at the sensor.
6. Interior Controls/Facts
6.1. You can scan to the next station by holding the preset up or down buttons on the steering wheel.
6.2. The a/c vents inside the dash move around every time you start the car to prevent it from getting stuck on one position. Rasp starts at around 4000 to 4500 rpm.
6.3. Your airbag light will come on and stay on if you unplug your seat connector for any reason. Even with the key out of the ignition. Love that feature.
6.4. On your glove box portable light socket you can insert a cable sold at the dealer to add an additional electrical outlet.
6.5. There's a rechargeable flashlight in the glove box
6.6. Press and hold "FM" or "AM" to initiate AUTOSTORE (FMA, AMA)
6.7. Different EQ settings are stored for each mode: Radio, CD, CD-Changer, AUX
6.8. There's space under your front seats for both a first aid kit and a fire extinguisher (BMW OEM)
6.9. After exiting the car with the keys in hand, you can press the radio power button and it will come on, auto shut-off after 20 min. That way if people are in the car while your in the store, they can still listen to the radio.
6.10. On stock radios that play MP3s, the disk change button changes the MP3 folders.
6.11. If you want to display your odometer reading without inserting the key, press the trip reset button and the display will illuminate for a few seconds.
6.12. If you turn the ignition to have the lights on. And hold the Sel button on the Computer for about 10 seconds then you can enter the service menu. From there you have about 5 things you can adjust. Not sure what all the options are but if someone else knows then maybe they can list. I was able to adjust the stereo volume (when the car drives) and also get the names of the radio stations to appear on screen (if they are broadcasted from the station).
6.13. Did you know that the "A w circle round it" on A/C Controls sets your system to "auto-detect". If the car detects an outside odor, the system automatically changes to internal recycle then back again. Wonder if it can be reprogrammed to detect internal odors? It is part of the Recirc system that detects odors, particulate mater and other environmental contaminants and switches to Recirc to protect you.
6.14. There is a place under your seat to store 8 track tapes.
6.15. Just noticed that I have 2 small speakers/tweeters behind the rear view mirror. The rain sensor is in the rear view mirror mount, facing the glass. I believe the vents he is referring to are on the light panel behind the mirror on the roof of the car, with the sunroof/home link controls. I believe those are either mics for the phone or temp sensors for the climate control (although I believe those are in the box behind the sunroof.
6.16. I found a coin holder about a year later while sitting in traffic. Your coin holder is also kind of "crushproof". If you leave it up, then decide to put the armrest down, and your arm on top of that, the coin holder will not break under the weight of your arm, because the coin holder is connected to a very flexible spring
6.17. Oh and apparently if you program your seats, mirrors, dash display and radio station to your favorite positions the key will remember it when you push the store memory button (1), if you give your second (spare key) to your wife or partner (you have to be brave or stupid!) and let them adjust the seat and everything else to how they like it and store in another memory position other then yours (2) again the key will remember it. Now if you were the last one to drive the car, everything is set for you position (1) and your wife unlocks the door the car will automatically adjust everything to position number 2 and visa versa when you unlock the car with the master key it all go's back to your memory position! Very cool stuff!
6.18. The audio tone controls can be set separately for each "mode"--FM, CD, Aux, Sirius. The treble and bass settings will be retained and the radio will "remember" your preferences for that particular mode.
6.19. If you have the Business radio, you can get program your PTY key into a MUTE key
6.20. There is a sun sensor in the middle of the air vent (for windshield) right below the windshield (a rectangular black block, you will see it from the outside of the car) and will run most of the air from the front air vent if the sun is shining.
6.21. The windshield wiper will not run again if you leave it at the on position when you turn off your car. You need to put it back to the off and then on again in order to turn it on again.
6.22. The handle that was on the side of the front seat can also used to stop the seat beat to go back to the pillar, so that you can access the seatbelt easier. But sometimes, the buckle keep hitting the handle and make some noise which is kind of annoying.
6.23. If you guys have the Aux input install, when you are in the AUX mode, you can use the Program keys (P1, P2, ... P6) to control the application volume from the input. That's for some MP3 player that has a lower wattage output from the line-out.
6.24. The back ash tray pops up and out if you slide the cover all the way down. This is where i place my wheel lock.
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7. Navigation/Car Phone Interior Controls
7.1. For those of you who have Car phones - you can press & hold (until you hear a beep) the talk button on the steering wheel and just talk.. Or Alternatively, those with GPS Nav .. press the talk button and hold it till the beep and say: "MAP" ... the roadmap should then appear on your screen.
7.2. Another thing you should try, is changing the GPS language to German... its amazing how much hearing a German woman speak softly to you whilst guiding you is such a turn-on when you're driving in a German muscle car like the M3!
7.3. "MODE" button (on NAV) is actually a rocker switch. Press either side--pressing the middle can sometimes not work
7.4. Navigation commands can be spoken. For a complete list of commands check your BT/Phone manual.
7.5. Also in the MKIII Nav system with a 4:3 screen we actually have a tape deck behind our screen, so bust out all those old cassettes from the 80s to get that realistic "tape hiss".
7.6. For those with Nav. If you go to settings mode and hold down the menu button for a few seconds you get a bunch of technical options. I think you have to have ignition to on position.
7.7. Also, if you have OEM Sirius satellite radio and navigation, you can not access the tone controls unless the Sirius mode is showing on the display. (This is EXTREMELY annoying.) If the screen shows "On-board computer", "navigation", "settings", etc. while satellite radio is playing, you must switch to "Sirius" before you can change tone controls.
7.8. If you have factory fitted Nav / TV you can have a AV input into your video module for a DVD player or such like. This means you can view it on the front screen, but did you know that the video module also has additional options that aren't being used such as another output for a secondary screen (which I believe is white plug pins 11 & 2 for video output and 1 & 10 for audio output.) Reverse camera video input (which I believe is white plug pins 13 & 14) but this input needs to be triggered by grounding pin 17 on the blue plug (reverse gear input). I am currently working on fitting a switch at or next to the head light switch which will activate the reverse light trigger but am fitting a night vision camera to the front of the car instead like the system on the newer vehicles (it just wont have the functionality of the newer system.)
7.9. If you have Bluetooth fitted (option 644), voice control (SES) is laying dormant in the Bluetooth control unit! If you return the car to the dealer and beg a little they can go into coding, retro fit ULF and tell the car that Bluetooth has just been fitted and this activates the required software as long as they use coding version 44. You can also order a booklet from them giving you the extra voice commands that saying "Help" doesn't tell you. For instance you can say "map", "scale, kilometers" (to zoom in or out of the Sat Nav map),"parking" (this gives you a list of local parking lots), "petrol station" for a list of local petrol stations etc. Unfortunately it appears this will not work on '06 on vehicles as version 44 is not compatible with newer cars software level.
7.10. Navigation feature: The when coming up on a turn, the dashboard LCD between tach and speedometer begin to count down distance until turn.
8. Exterior Facts
8.1. Xenon headlights aim/calibrate every time you start the car, you can see it level up and down
8.2. You can flip the trunk liner to use the non-slip surface on top, instead of the carpet surface.
8.3. If you turn your trunk key hole horizontally it puts your car in Valet mode so you can’t open the trunk from inside the car.
8.4. For SMG cars, the pump pressurizing the hydraulic clutch makes a weird noise.
8.5. I was looking at my OEM Brake Calipers the other day. They have little ///M Logos on them.
8.6. There is a hook molded into the black plastic pull-handle at the rear of the trunk floor mat. It hooks on to the top lip of the trunk opening to hold the mat up and out of the way while you are getting your air pump out.
8.7. M3's have the same wheel lug bolt pattern as GM cars
8.8. In the trunk to the right, the plastic tray perfectly hold a box of golf balls. Stupid I know but it just fits right!
8.9. Was working under my car yesterday and noticed that "M3" is embossed on the front plastic skid plate. I think this is to let people know what you are driving when you are flying your car rather than driving.
8.10. E46 M3 bumper (not the bumper trim/plastic piece that is painted) is carbon fiber while other E46 3 series models are steel. A good deal of e46 M3 cars have an aluminum bumper instead of the carbon fiber. I think it depends on the production year. This is based on what a reputable local body shop showed me. It's Kevlar, not CF. still cool though
8.11. You need to change the cartridge of the M-Mobility kit every 3 years.
8.12. there's an M3 logo on the inside of the wheel well. The M3 logo on the inside of the fender is to differentiate it from the "regular" fender liner, so the factory doesn't install the wrong one.
8.13. The gas tank cover has an embossed E46 M3 on it.
8.14. The underside cover/venturi has an embossed M3 on it.

9. Mirrors – Lots of confusion on this one. I could use some help concentrating the point here.
9.1. When the car is in reverse you can set the passenger side mirror angled downward so you can see the curb - from then on, whenever you shift into reverse, the mirror will automatically adjust to that position. You can also change it back so it doesn't do it, but I forgot the exact step-by-step process.
9.2. Here it is, step-by-step: Slide the mirror switch to the passenger side position. Done. Now, when you put the car into reverse, the mirror will not tilt. The mirror switch in the driver's position causes the mirror to tilt when the car is in reverse. While the engine is running, put the car back into neutral. The mirror goes back to its original position. You can adjust it from this position; you cannot adjust the mirror settings while it's tilted.
9.2.1. I spent a huge amount of time on this 3 years ago researching the adjustable mirror thing to get it right. My understanding from the BMWNA tech's was that all E46 mirrors were powered, and that all mirrors dropped when in Reverse. It was only the adjustability of the mirrors that is tied to the Seat memory. I may have miss-understood them
10. 1. Connect the car to the DIS system.
2. Choose "1. Car Memory"
3. Choose "9. Seat/Mirror Memory"
4. Choose "2. Mirror Memory Automatic Kerb Parking Function"
5. Choose "1. Active" (It is set to "Inactive" by default)
6. Upload the new settings to the car.
7. Turn the ignition off and then back on.
8. Disconnect the car from the DIS system.
To position the mirror:
1. Push the mirror selector switch to the passenger side.
2. Put the car in reverse. (The mirror should tilt down)
3. Adjust the mirror position to what ever makes you happy.
4. Put the car back into N or 1. (The mirror should tilt back up)
That's it. Now when ever you back up the mirror will adjust to your custom settings, instead of all the way down. Please note that the mirror adjustment selector switch must be set to the passenger side for this to work. This is opposite of the way it works by default.
10.1. I have manual seats and my mirror does not tilt when in reverse regardless of where the switch is. I was told by the stealer that the reverse-tilt function is only available if you have power seats. Are they full of it? Can someone with manual seats confirm that this function works for them? I have several friends without power seats and each and every one of them has the tilt when in the drivers position. mayhaps there is an issue with your motor or electronics. Cowboy Bebop generally knows his stuff cold, but this last statement really left me puzzled. Might be worth some follow-up. Auto-tilt is something that is associated with the power seat/memory package, and I've yet to see a car with manual seats that has it.
10.2. Set 3rd position on your favorite driving position (probably your 1st posit.), then rotate both mirrors down and hit memory for position 3. Then, if you're backing up and want to see driver's side curb, or if some a**hole is blinding you from the back with his bright lights, just hit 3rd posit. and mirrors will rotate down. Then just hit 1st posit. to rotate them back up.
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11. Windows
11.1. There is a sensor in the door windows and sunroof built into the weather-stripping that will pull it back open if something is in the way - ie arm (I have tested it too, it barely pinched my fingers)
11.2. After you shut off the car you can still roll up the windows as long as you dont open the door
11.3. You can hold the unlock button on the remote and it opens all the windows and sunroof. Plus if you turn the key in the driver's door it closes everything back. I think you have to press the unlock button twice and fairly hard, holding the button down on the 2nd push until the windows finish opening. For this to work remotely, both doors must be unlocked. The remote unlock also has to be a distinct step: (1) press unlock once for driver's door (and passenger's door if programmed ), (2) press unlock a second time to unlock passenger's door, (3) press and hold unlock to open windows and moon roof. The third step will not happen instantaneously. There may be a 3 to 7 second delay. If step 3 doesn't happen, stop pressing the unlock button, then press and hold unlock button again. Repeat step 3 until the windows begin to open. This feature works in all U.S. E46 models. It is not programmed by your dealer.
11.3.1. The range in which you can open all windows varies from day-to-day. Sometimes, I can open the windows from 75 feet away, other days I have to be standing right next to the car. If you put the metal part of your key on your chin, the range of the transmitter is increased and you should be able to use the buttons from farther away. (someone else said opening your mouth further increases range, but I haven't tried that). This works. I read a research article somewhere that claims that doing this reflects a portion of the transmitter's signal off the back part of your skull (concave dish shape) making the signal more directional. Call me paranoid but if its bouncing off the back of my skull that means I’m transmitting more of the signal through that grey mass between the key and the my skull. I don't do that trick anymore.
11.4. When you hold the lock button only the front windows and sunroof close, you have to do the back ones from the button inside the car. Back ones dont close because they havent got any safety device to stop trapping fingers.
11.5. Press the moon roof button a certain way - it opens either all the way or half-way
11.6. You can have your remote auto roll up your windows when locking. My indy shop programmed my car to allow me to roll up the windows via the key wirelessly. Pretty cool feature for those hot days.
11.7. You don't need to open the cover of the sunroof, just press the button, once the sunroof tilt, then the cover will automatically open a little bit for venting.
12. Brakes/Tires
12.1. The outer ring of the LED tail lights/brake lights comes on during heavy/emergency braking. Sweet.
12.2. The E46 M3 uses the same brake pads as the E36 M3
12.3. There is a hidden Brake cooling vent on the front inner part of your right front fender. Just pop it out and your front intakes will direct some air to your right front brake. Don’t do it for the driver's side, if you popped open, yes the air can now go to the brakes but then less air directing up into your intake filter. So only pop the passenger side vent
12.4. Did you know that all M-series come with stand tires rather than run-flat tires like ones on new 2006 models. Recently had a huge argument with a friend who just purchased 06' 330i w/ run-flat tires. I didn't understand why mine wouldn't have it or an option to get one from BMW? Found that even the 2007 M5 or M6 or any other M-series do not come with run-flat, because of the suspension setting that requires for heavy cornering, etc.. Run-flat equip. cars are config. its suspensions to run-flat setting rather than fully inflated tire pressure. Run flats are very heavy because of the extra material needed to create sidewalls stiff enough to support the car when uninflected. This is probably the largest reason for not using them, as unsprung weight makes a BIG difference in performance.... also the reason that most people's cars get slower when they go up a wheel size, unless they pay out the a$$ for some very light forged wheels. Additionally, I think the suspension setting issue has more to due with needing to run a softer suspension to dampen out the excessive bumps and roughness transferred by the run flats, which leads to body roll, and all kinds of other nasty consequences that drivers of performance cars find undesirable.
12.5. After changing tires (w/ SMG) u MUST reset SMG trans. go 40+ mph, put SMG in 0 and pull both pedals for 2-4 sec.
13. Other
13.1. If you drive a Coupe, try folding the rear seats down and open the sunroof all the way. Drive at precisely 40 MPH and get ready to experience the worst wind buffeting you have ever experienced in your life
13.2. I just found out on my own that the jack(what I thought it was) is actually a tire fix it, and free air to add to your tires. I just used the air so far.
13.3. If you push the BMW emblem on the steering wheel, it deploys the rockets. Seriously, it does.
13.4. The battery inside your key is charged by the if you have a 2nd unused key, you may want to use it every so often to charge it up. Found out the key not only charges while in the ignition but the dealer can read all kinds of information from the key in a reader at their desk. Date in service and mileage and more.
13.5. There is a little plastic hook on a rubber strap underneath the trunk floor, which you can hook onto the upper ledge of the trunk opening to keep the floor propped up.
13.6. I checked my toolkit at the bottom of the trunk, and I'm missing a few tools. This is normal, as some of the tools are with the jack and the flat tire fix in the trunk. Some tools are not supposed to be included. In some countries, the toolkit does not come complete on purpose. Just like how we dont get the warning triangle or the first aid kit in the US. As stated, we don't get the lug wrench (we've got the ///M mobility kit instead), regular 3 series warning triangle, or regular 3 series tow hook, so the tool kit will look a bit empty. That's normal, and the same no matter which market your car was produced for. Of course, if you don't know about this in advance, it can be a bit perplexing when you take delivery of your car.
13.7. Computer testing
13.7.1. If you hold down the trip odometer reset button while turning on the ignition, the odometer will read: test 1
If you wait a second, it will then read: test 1.0
If you then press the reset button repeatedly, you can cycle through various readouts.
Does anyone know what these readouts mean?
If you don't wait, but push the reset button again so it reads: test 2
then wait a second until it reads : test 2.0
your instrument panel will go through a test routine, displaying light testing. Punch the reset button again to repeat the test.
13.7.2. There are indeed a full battery of test functions, ranging from showing your voltage draw to displaying your actual speed in km/hr. The problem is that these are not intended for use by other than trained service personnel, and there are several test functions which will cripple your car -- or worse -- if activated improperly. The moral of the story is that this is not a good place for experimentation, gents. Stick with what you know -- and avoid codes with which you are unfamiliar. Even delving into the menu involves an element of risk, so keep that in mind before you head out to the garage to play around with this.
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Document download availible

CLICK word 2003 doc.(things you didn't know about your M3)
CLICK word 2007 doc.(things you didn't know about you M3)
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Adding to your rep as you deserve it
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What a great thread!
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What A great thread! I learned a lot from it and keep it up! really grateful to have opened and read this thread since right now I am having some problems with my window.
I need help with my window & windshield weatherstripping

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Nice Reading Jeff.
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Some very useful info here. Thanks Jeff
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Brilliant read jeff. Thanks for the post
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Great stuff! Thankyou.
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Really great topic
Thx u so mich
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Top work !!
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