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[email protected]
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Default An introduction from Redish Motorsport

Hi everyone,

It's great to be on here as a recognised site sponsor and I'm looking forward to working with people and helping out where I'm needed.

I'm James Redish, owner of Redish Motorsport Ltd in Bristol.
Redish Motorsport is an Independent BMW Specialist with a difference.

First a little background on me and where I've come from.
I started work at our local BMW Dealer - Wellsway Bath where I did my apprecnticeship scheme and stayed there for almost 6 years.
Went away travelling for 6 months, and on my return fancied a change of scenery but maintaining the BMW connection.
So I worked for another Independent BMW Specialist in Bristol - Beemer Redeemer where I worked for 3 years until the owner closed the company to move onto other things.
I was then faced with many decisions, but ultimately I'd always planned to start my own Independent BMW Specialist in Bristol - so I took the plunge (in the middle of the recession) and Redish Motorsport was born.
I've now been open and growing the business for the past 3.5 years.

I class the company as a small but very caring setup where 'rushed-jobs' and 'quick in & out services' are banned!
This doesn't mean to say things take longer and therefore you get charged more. No no, everything has a set price and all jobs are estimated first. 98% of the time jobs are exactly the same as the estimated figure even if it has taken longer. This is great for us as we know we keep our customers happy this way and are sure to get the continued business which has been proven over the last few years.
It's also great for the customer as you know the job isn't being rushed, it's being carried out methodically and carefully as if I was working on one of my own cars using the years of knowledge, dealer & independent experience, BMW special tools and many other things which go into making Redish Motorsport what it is today.

I offer a multitude of services for all BMW owners (and even some non BMW models when it comes to the Motorsport side of the business).

The first and most commonly talked about is the servicing options.
Oil Services, Inspection 1, Inspection 2, 2nd Inspection 2, and CBS.
The ONLY oil used at Redish Motorsport (unless the customer specifics another brand) is Castrol. Having the 'dealer way' and the 'BMW manufacturer way' drummed into me during my dealer years it's just a no brain-er when it comes to using quality oil recommended by the factory.
The same goes for filters. All services follow the same dealer level check-sheets and procedures.
Valve Clearances on the M-power engines are ALWAYS carried out, along with a genuine BMW rocker cover gasket set, fully reported measurement set, and digital pictures of the process and your car & number plate visible for your service record folder
I will start a separate thread relating to servicing in greater detail.

Many other services offered for all BMW's;
General Maintenance, MOT's, Aftermarket upgrades, suspension related, braking related, drivetrain and mechanical related, engine work, engine building, vanos work, chassis reinforcements, floor/subframe reinforcement work, floor/subframe 'rear axle carrier panel' replacements as per dealer bodyshop.

The only things we currently don't offer are bodywork service like painting or panel work, ECU remapping, coding of body modules.
The coding of body modules is something that will change over the coming months, but we don't intended to off ECU remapping, nor bodyshop services.

We also offer and regularly carry out Motorsport preparation, or Motorsport related services for track cars, race cars, and the occasion rally car.
Not just BMW's but we do work on other marques for this side of the business - although it is rare. It's normally just BMW's.
For example we have a Clio in for a weld in rollcage coming up, and also a Land Rover Discovery 2 with an S50B32 M3 Evo engine which needs a custom Redish Motorsport wiring loom!

From E21's, E30 M3's, E36 M3's, E46 M3's and even some early 5's (E28 / E34), we've worked on these cars for Motorsport Preparation since 2005 and continue to provide interesting and unique options for all sorts of things.
Weld in multipoint rollcages, chassis strengthening, Engine building or part building, suspension & brake modifications, custom wiring looms, and pretty much most things you could think of.
As well as working on part builds or doing certain sections of a build, we also carry out full builds from a road going car to a complete race car delivered to the customer. Full build types of jobs are few and far between and do take some time based on the size of the company 'at the moment'.

There's probably things I've missed, but I don't want to go on for ages as it will get a bit boring to read masses of text soon.

I have a part time employee called Luke (E39 M5 owner) who may pop up on here from time to time.
Also a forum/internet helper known as Pete (who is actually Psiddy81 on here).
Myself and Pete have become great friends this year and Pete regularly helps me on the internet side of things when I'm busy in the workshop.
So expect to see the user name [email protected] replying and PM-ing from time to time
Pete doesn't officially work for Redish Motorsport, but rather has a massive love for cars (read BMW's), and is very kindly helping me out as a friend.
Just need to mention that so everyone knows the situation.

I plan on having this section bursting with regular, new, and exciting content, and more importantly - Pictures!.
Firstly some of the current projects being carried out at the moment,
then generally a build up of previous projects and epic jobs, along with a general 'day-to-day' section showing what's going on.
Also an 'our car's thread' showing what car's we've got, had recently, driving now, and have just bought etc.
Also a 'Friday night project' type of thread showing the weird and wonderful (and funny) things Redish Motorsport and friends get up to after hours - like various projects, workshop changes, odd and funny contraptions that get dreamt up etc.
Then some threads containing specific and showcased jobs, 1 for floor/subframe repair & reinforcing, 1 for big end bearings & ARP bolts, 1 for engine builds/part builds, 1 for Underside Restorations, 1 for Servicing, 1 for Motorsport Preparation, and any other of the really common work which people come for.

We know it's tricky placing a location-specific business (i.e located in Bristol only) on a country-wide forum where some people are out of reach of taking advantage of our services offered.
That's why I dreamt up the 'We Pay Your Fuel' scheme.
Basically, we'll cover your fuel if you have to travel for work.
We can't say fairer than that!

Some of you I know already, whether it be for work carried out, or just forum banter/chats, but for anyone else who hasn't heard of Redish Motorsport don't be shy, say hello below and just ask if you need any prices for work or if you want to run through one of our procedures etc.

If you haven't heard of us, hopefully our current 3+ year reviews and forum recommendations and growing reputation will inspire you will enough confidence to give us a try.

Oh, and if you've had work carried out by Redish Motorsport, mention it below!
Thanks guys!

Hope to speak to people soon.

Best regards,
James Redish

01179 781889

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Welcome aboard James
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hello and welcome james
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Welcome James. Keep up your good work.
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Redish Motorsport
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About time mate, good skills.

As James has said, most of you know me as Psiddy81. I am keeping that profile running for personal use.

[email protected] will be my user name for all Redish related inquiries, please feel free to pm me with any questions, I'll either be able to help you directly or speak with James. As he's said he's a very busy guy and I'm happy to help him out with this side of things.

Most of you are all aware of the work James has done on my car, for those of you who aren't here's a link to my build thread and the details of the "underside Restoration" performed on my car, James involvement with my car starts from page 8, link:

Look forward to helping as many cutters as possible.


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Welcome James, great to have you on board mate. You're a valuable asset to BMW owners
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Now THIS is what I call a site sponsor!

Love your work guys, welcome to the forum

Nice touch with the we pay your fuel - here's the correct link

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Great to see you on here as a sponsor James. Welcome
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Rossi m3
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Welcome aboard James look forward to leaving my car in your capable hands on Saturday mate.

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Welcome. I was very impressed with the quality of work I've seen!
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gary w31
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Welcome James, what a great introduction. Having used main dealers for many years, I must admit, I would seriously consider using your services after that intro, if only I was a bit closer to you
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When living in bedminster down has its perks, Hello fellow from a fellow local, only had the M for 3 weeks, So not been down yet but will no doubt be at some point, can walk home. A mate used you guys for subframe work, he was very impressed the service .
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Thumbs down

Congrats on becoming a sponsor!

What's your availability like at the mo? I'm looking at MOT towards the end of this month and wouldn't mind an insp1 at the same time.
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Mr Scruff
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Good to see your work recognised James and your company becoming a sponsor - congrats
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Welcome along lads. Love your work.
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Daytona m3
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Hi James, it's about time Redish become a sponsor on here. Great stuff mate, keep up the hard work.
Thanks for fitting in the last minute anti freeze change this evening.
I really do appriciate your help. Thank you.
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Redish Motorsport
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Thanks for all the comments guys.

Originally Posted by easykam View Post
Congrats on becoming a sponsor!

What's your availability like at the mo? I'm looking at MOT towards the end of this month and wouldn't mind an insp1 at the same time.
Kam, give James a call on the number in my signature, he'll be able to provide you with info on availability etc. and get you booked in if you choose.
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Think you will need a bigger car park
See you on the 19th!!
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Default Saturday morning visit

I've just got home after spending a few hours at Redish this morning, it was great to meet James and Luke and also another customer Ian who's car was in for subframe fix.

Had the M checked for subframe/boot floor issues and I'm pleased to say its been given the all clear for now although there is some very early signs of corrosion and spot welds moving. James took pictures so I'm sure he will put them up and explain better than me, just a case of keeping an eye on the car over the coming year to see what develops.

Other than the subframe/boot floor check James kindly gave the car a once over and despite a few minor issues the car seems to be in good condition, so that's a weight off my mind.

Overall James offers an excellent service and has lots of knowledge and doesnt mind answering daft questions from a newbie like me. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Redish and I plan to have further servicing/work carried out by them.

All in all a positive morning and really enjoyed the short trip to and from Bristol.



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