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Default Inspection II Service completed by Redish


Just wanted to give my two cents' worth about the folks down at Redish Motorsport. My Inspection II was due just after my first year of E46 M3 ownership and figured not really knowing how well previous Inspections were done (despite lots of paperwork) I'd go to somewhere reputable, even though they're 100 miles from me.

I got in contact with Redish via this forum and got the Inspection II service booked in, along with a date for the RACP repair/reinforcement process.

I've just picked up the car from James and Luke and they've done a stellar job. Plenty of communication before and after the work, a very comprehensive report outlining any advisories (which I'll get done in a couple of month when it's in for the RACP work) on top of the immediately necessary (and completed) repairs and compression test (with perfect cylinder health). All this along with video and photographic evidence has resulted in a very happy punter. I have photographic evidence that valve clearances have been done properly and the engine now sounds even better when it's hot. Previously it was a little like a sewing machine when the oil was thoroughly warmed and I suspected some of the valve clearances were out. There were 6 out of spec, which are now all sorted and now she's silent (for an S54, anyway!).

Yes, I had to travel from Leamington Spa to Bristol but I'm still financially better off than going to my local BMW Rybrook, so these guys are also excellent value for money! If I'd gone to my local dealer I guarantee it would have come back with many more miles on the clock and probably spied on of the local toe rags driving it. No such lack of professionalism from these folks with our pride and joys.

Thanks folks and I'll see you in January!

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Good to hear that it is a great result all round and that they are what they seem on the face of things .
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Another happy customer I have all my work done at Redish and I'm in Surrey - it's a 2 hour trip just to get there for me but I am very happy with their work and attention to detail.
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