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Default Thank you,

Thank you for a warm welcome and fantastic comprehensive health check. Worth the 220 mile round trip.

See you again soon!
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Originally Posted by Dip14 View Post
Thank you for a warm welcome and fantastic comprehensive health check. Worth the 220 mile round trip.

See you again soon!
Thank you for the kind words Dip14, it was great to meet you yesterday.
Estimate & pictures to follow today or Monday.

Have a great weekend.

Best regards,
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Car: 2002 BMW M3

A MOT advisory of corroded break pipes last year led to me to book an health check with Redish Motorsport. After it was completed I knew exactly what I wanted; for them to carry out any future works on the car.

The level of care and attention to detail just for the basic health check (pictures, walk around under the car with explanations / suggestions & estimate) impressed me greatly. Before that and upon arriving at the garage James greeted me and placed covers on the steering, seat and floor before getting into the car something I hadn't seen anywhere before even at a main dealer. Having seen this I instantly knew my M3 was in good hands. The check revealed a minor subframe crack along with a few other minor issues which needed resolving. I was provided with pictures and was informed even if the work was not carried out with them it would still provide a point of reference.

A year later the car was booked in for extensive works to be carried out. The list includes the following:

Redish Motorsport E46 M3 Subframe Repair & Reinforcement
Redish Motorsport Extended Degrease Service
Redish Motorsport Extended Paint & Protect Service
Redish Motorsport Gloss Black E46 Powder Coated Diff Carrier
BMW Structural Foam/Resin
Powerflex Subframe Bushes
Powerflex Rear Trailing Arm Bushes
Powerflex Diff Bushes Front & Rear
Hack Engineering Billet Aluminium Exhaust Mounts
BMW Exhaust Bolts & Copper Nuts
BMW Purple Tag Steering Rack
BMW High Pressure PAS Pipe
Lemforder Steering Tie Rods
Billet Alloy Steering Coupler
Bilstein B4 Shock Absorbers
H&R Springs
Rogue Engineering Rear Top Mounts
BMW Spring Pads & Front Top Mount Bearings
ATE Front Brake Discs
BMW Rear Brake Discs
Performance Friction Front & Rear Brake Pads
BMW Brake Pad Sensors
ATE Handbrake Shoes & Spring Kit
HEL Braided Brake Flexi Hoses
Turner Motorsport Brake Caliper Brass Guide Bushings MirrorJohn
Redish Motorsport BMW Inspection 2 Service (inc Valve Clearances)
BMW Vanos Filter & O-rings
Rogue Engineering Power Pulley Kit & Belts
BMW Timing Chain Tensioner Seal Ring
BMW Constant Pressure Valve
Bosch S5 Battery
Supersprint Exhaust Centre Section (used)
BMW Exhaust Centre Brackets & Rubber Mounts
Turner 12mm Rear Wheel Spacers
Turner 15mm Front Wheel Spacers
Mishimoto Radiator
Mishimoto Electric Fan & Shroud Kit
Mishimoto NPT Electric Fan Switch & Controller Kit
Rogue Engineering Vanos Braided Hose
Awron Gauge
BMW Headlight Lens & Gasket Seals
Evolve E46 M3 Carbon Airbox
BMW CSL Air Dividing Rail
BMW CSL Map Sensor
All BMW Hoses/Pipes/Clips/Brackets/SMG relocation parts
Redish Motorsport Satin Black Powder Coated Brake Calipers
Martyn (via M3cutters) for ECU Map & CSL software for DME/SMG

Below is a link to the video detailing the work. The attention to detail is highly commendable:

On collection day last week a full 1.5 hour handover was completed and a test drive was offered to ensure I was satisfied with the car. Having driven the car 400 miles since collecting it, it handles, feels, sounds and drives like a dream.

Overall in my opinion Redish are the best in the business hence why they are kept extremely busy. A praise worthy service from a knowledge and friendly bunch who kept me informed / updated throughout.

I would also like to thank the following:

1. Mirror John for supplying the Turner Break bushings / Turner spacers

2. Evolve for supplying the airbox and advice

3. Cotswold for supplying OEM parts

4. Martyn for the mapping the ECU and providing an efficient service.
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