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Default Need Help With INPA & DCAN - 2008 E91 LCI

So i had a bcables cable and SW, but it wouldn't talk to my car as i learnt that the blue cable is only dcan up to 2007. Since the new daily is a 2008 (E91 325 LCI) car i purchased a K+DCAN cable, has a little switch to go between the two, and installed a new copy of INPA.

I am running windows 10 pro, so installed it in XP SP2 compatibility mode, then installed the dcan drivers and set the ports to COM1. Not sure if that is part of the problem as it was showing COM1 in use, but still set it anyway.

I think the cable is working as it will see when the ignition is toggled on/off and the black dot comes and goes as you toggle.

Here is a video of the issue i get.

As you can see it lets me get so far into INPA then gives Ediabas error #95 when, for example, trying to read error codes. I also see that the program has stopped running, turns yellow, as soon as i enter the menu for my ECU and other than when i first plug the cable in, it doesn't seem to be lit up.

Whats weird is if you watch the video to the end, 1min 25, i go into functional jobs in the E90 menu and read error memory and it will talk to the car, although it seems somewhat limited in the info.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

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