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Arrow Carphonics Stage 2 Amp and TV Bundle Offer

Carphonics is pleased to announce Stage 2 Amp and TV Bundle offer, in celebration for the upcoming new baby to the family sometime this year.

This offer is for forum members only.

Usual price for these upgrades are

£149.99 for the Stage 2 Amp Upgrade on the bm54s (take your amps from 20/25 watts per channel to 50 RMS watts per channel.

£339.99 for the Stage 2 Digital TV Conversion. Convert your nearly useless analogue tv tuner to digital. Full freeview tv channels and radio stations. Works while you drive, and functions integrated to the screen (head unit) controls and steering wheel, usb connection for music and videos, record, rewind and playback tv or radio. Pretty much like a freeview box, with recording capabilities and for a car!

Total coming to £489.98

Limited time offer until the birth our new baby, the price for both of these will be £359.99.

If you are interested, all you need to do is print out the pdf form from our website and send it with both your TV tuner and BM54 units.

Also welcome to pop round to have it done. *

I will also leave the payment method here, which is quite straight forward, if you have paypal, if you donít, thatís fine also.

*fitting charge is £40.

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