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Originally Posted by Chady View Post
I’m in the process of rebuilding spare csl motor, all striped now, head work valves re lapped, crank hand polished, ready to go, compleat head gasket set 180. King race mains and rod. 280 from memory new rings 120 full set, was possibly thinking wossner pistons, But will may use stay with oem, open ended book on how far u go regarding parts. Have asked for feedback on parts in the past with little feedback,guessing most don’t go this far ..This is just a fun rebuild not serious race build , doesn’t seem much around on this subject
Anybody used these wossner 12.3.1 pistons std bore size, “”Any feedback welcome”” as they are slightly higher compression,any problems encountered???, I’d assume they would need to run minimum supper unleaded or possibly race fuel ???
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