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I did laugh at the option to walk away !

Forum convention is to have them painted, which means they have to be carefully removed from the car so that they don't bend and then crack or split etc. Then there's all the time needed to prep and then paint, then re attaching to the car.

When I saw the silver trim on my car deteriorate like that, I didn't want to pay the big price of a OEM black trim set and then the high cost of labour/time to remove and swap it on.

I went the gloss black vinyl wrap option, which was much much cheaper, the complete job done within an hour or so and I had the inner door card top silver strip wrapped as well. This was back in 2008 so almost a decade now and you'd not be able to tell!

Ensure you choose a high quality vinyl and also make sure the surfaces are suitably cleaned and wiped, higher end wrapping specialists have the right cleaners and solvents for this and my belief is that is how my wrap has not peeled anywhere at all over the last 10 years.

Cheers, Dennis!
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