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Just to make things clear Evolve are an amazing company and I regret not going to them in the first place . Their service and explanation of everything was spot on and I don’t have a single complaint towards them .They have trialled and tested their map on cars around the world so I feel like there is no one better to get the car mapped from . I did ask them about any possible downsides of the over run and they said it’s just valve timing adjustments and the only potential damage is to the primary cats which I do not have .

This happened on Friday evening so I have not had the chance to ring them yet . I’m simply telling you the full story and was just wondering if anyone else has noticed anything similar with their cars . Like a few of you have said , I’m sure it’s just one of the sensors noticing the large amount of pops that occurred at that time that simply put the engine into safety mode .

If you read my post properly then you can see that AMD would not offer a few options after I had the map done as they have not done them before to a S65 engine . Therefore that is the reason I went to Evolve as they were more than happy to do the over run mod as long as the car has a primary decat .

Gintani is an American company who also offer a over run map what sounds cringe worthy in my opinion . I couldn’t find problems from people who have that map which surprises me as they are endless and must burn a lot of fuel .Makes me think I was just unlucky with the downshift . Link is below ....

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