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Originally Posted by DaveMSport View Post
Watching, Have a drift car but too busy to commit to IADC or IDC properly so just do trackdays for fun instead and the odd competition if there's one being run
Cool , it's much more budget friendly to do it for fun than competitional haha

Originally Posted by stevef182 View Post
Very impressive. Any video clips ?
Not so many unfortunately, next year we gonna have a media partener too. I will attach what i have tho.

How can i embed these?

Originally Posted by Zee View Post
What a bonkers car!

I'd love a ride in a proper drift car.
Sometimes we go to demo days where we can have passengers too

Originally Posted by ChrisRX View Post
Mega. Cant even imagine a 800bhp S54! Is the instant response still there?
Is nothing like a standard s54 , the power comes relatively quickly (2500 rpm) especially if you just clutch kick it a litle , it spins the wheels so easily. And we use semi slicks and 18 psi pressure. You don't have that smooth linear power of an N/A s54 , as soon as it spools a bit , it goes straight into redline at WOT haha

Originally Posted by Hopz121 View Post
Wow that looks epic, are more info on the brakes?
The calipers are genuine Mclaren but they are made from AP racing (you can see their stamp there) , the caliper bracket is custom made to fit e46 chassis , the pads came with the calipers, so they are mclaren too , discs are genuine e46 m3. All fully braided lines , custom fittings. They work brilliant . If you are interested please PM me, we can probably make them fit on many other models.

Originally Posted by Simundo View Post
That's ace!
Thanks sir

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