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Default Our 800HP Turbo e46 M3 Drift Car

Hi guys , i thought i would present you the car we use in pro drifting championships.
We used a 2004 genuine e46 M3 cat D car (just minor damages , and we could sell allot of parts for good money as they were in a great condition).

The car was stripped out completely , sound deadning removed, seam sealant removed , thousands of useless brakets cutted down , rear quarter panels cutted , front end shortened, basically we removed everything we could to make the car as light as possible.

The whole chassis was seam welded, every hole in the body was covered and and sealed , so we get as little smoke in the cabin as possible.

The car received a full FIA approved roll cage with certificate to prove it, the rear subframe was bolted into the rollcage and also the roll cage extends to the front shock towers (also the shock tower points were reinforced with some thick metal plates).
Front and rear of the car was custom made from tubbing, so the car can be as modular as possible in case of an accident we could just replace the space frames.

We use true coilovers on the rear and camber and toe arms so we can set-up the rear wheels for best grip.

On the front we are running Wisefab set-up for huge steering angle.

All the mounting points , arms etc are solid mounted and rose jointed

All the body pannels are fiberglass from HGK motorsport and they are really easy to detach

The car is running Mclaren brake calipers with custom made caliper brakets and original M3 brake discs

Engine is the original S54B32 fully forged , Je Pistons, original WPC treated shells , Athena cut ring headgasket , moddified oil pump , modified oil sump to clear the ground as we streightend up the engine, exhaust is going under the car (tight squeez) , Borg Warner 9180 EFR turbo , e39 530d gearbox , e46 m3 rear diff.
The engine management is VEMS and custom motorsport wirring.

The car is running almost 800hp on 98 V power and weights about 1250 KG !
The grip is phenomenal and the power delivery is brutal.

The car was done as a collaboration between Irock Performance and Andrius Vasiliauskas (European drift champion).

We have the expertise and the "know how" to build any drift car (especially BMW e46 and e92 chassis) from a entry level practice car (but a reliable one) to a full comp spec car like you see here. Please get in touch for any serious enquires.

Enjoy the pictures

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