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Originally Posted by BigBoyQ View Post

It was great to meet you all on Sunday, as I was the lone M2 owner. My account has only been approved, hence been unable to post any sooner.

There was some banter going around of the inferior interior the M2 has over its bigger brothers - and not quite has the legs.

However, when it finished its run in Service, I am hoping it goes around corners just as quick it goes down straights.

However, I am now thinking of upgrading the exhaust system, from stock to either MPE, Milteck or Scorpian.
Itís a cracking car you have there mate and nice of you to come along! Like we all say itís mainly banter about the m2 but we all pay to have our toys

Iíd have one in a heartbeat if it had 100 more horses and carbon goodies
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