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Originally Posted by N88YEM3 View Post
Few questions:

1. Csl map sensor, plug/housing, wires required, position of location?

A stated above a Vauxhall GM map sensor is commonly used but as Mike will be doing mine I don't know what the part is to post a link to it until I speak to Mike. Same goes for the wiring and position as this is what he will be doing.

I will add to the parts list accordingly once I know

2. Csl iat sensor plug/housing, wires required part numbers?

This is all listed above. Sensor / connector / wiring and protective boot for housing. **Read the thread**

CSL IAT Sensor (13621739510)
1 x 12521732635 - 3.21 90 deg protective boot for CSL IAT Socket Housing.
12521427222 - 1.04 3 pole housing for flap position sensor.
3 x 12520007170 - 3.17 each. Wires for above.

3. You mentioned this below wiring configuration but where are we wiring the other sides of the wires? I mean which sensors motors etc?

(There are four larger connectors in the dme wiring box, undo the first one towards the front of engine bay and work backwards.
x6002 is the wiring block of the four nearest the bulkhead and pins 8 and 9 should be empty so plug in two wires to them part no 2x 61130005197 - 1.92 each.
x6003 is the next one next and is the largest of the block connectors, you will need 1 x wire 61130005197 and follow the wiring in the list and all is done, one of the pins will be empty so use this wire for that and solder the others to appropriate wires.)

This is just to show the basic wiring configuation that is needed to get the flap working. The picture and description was sent to me with the parts list required so I just included it as it explains how to wire the flap up and is relevant to this section of the parts list.

**This Thread is purely a parts list and not a step by step guide on how to wire up or fit the airbox. I have just added a few links to my thread and if you go to the bottom of the page you will find very good fitting and wiring guides from over on the**

I bought 12x clamps pn.07129952125 They fit adequately on both sides of the boot.
12 are not needed but can be used if required

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