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Yes Apex is the one with Misha

You need to go online and create an account with the Nurburgring portal and add credits (euros) by PayPal or card, these are then turned into laps when you scan the card at the beginning of the lap, (varies depending on day, weekends more expensive than mid week.) just create a link to your desktop on your phone for easy access. So easy to add funds, over the course of a weekend itís all down to yours how many laps you want to do, this weekend in July I am aiming for about 10 laps.

Hope that makes sense

Originally Posted by Henley View Post
Booked! Those Hotels are booked up already, Apex is the one I'd like to stay at.. If possible to stay with you guys, I don't mind paying of course. This is the one with Misha right.
With regards to track laps ect what should I go for can you book these at any time.
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