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Originally Posted by Henley View Post
Yes, definitely up for a trip to the ring never been before.
Whats the best way to go about booking everything? Track insurance ect.
Book hotel for those dates (
Book ferry (DFDS)
Create Nurburgring account at the Green Hell Portal and add credits (these will be converted into laps on a QR reader)
Make sure your car is insured to drive in Europe
Make sure car is up together and that you have spare fluids etc
Drive to the Ring and enjoy !!

(simple as that really)

Track insurance would cost you thousands of pounds so most people accept the fact that if you crash it will cost you a lot - that's just how it is.

Some useful info on this these two links

From Ben Lovejoys site (1st link)
Car insurance and the Nurburgring
Most people (including me) accept the risk of driving uninsured on the Nurburgring, without fully appreciating how bad the consequences could be if something went wrong. The vast majority of people drive or ride the Ring without incident, and the few that do have an accident usually cause damage only to the track, the cost of which is listed here.
This information is for UK drivers who take their own cars on the Nurburgring for Touristfahrten. Other European drivers should check their insurance cover but the information here is for the "worst case" scenario.
Some of the content is taken from the following sources:
Track Driver magazine article PDF doc (1.2mb)
Andrew Thompson & Co solicitors specialising in motoring offences and related private client matters
Note the difference between Touristfahrten (tourist driving) where the Ring is open to anybody who buys a ticket, and a track day where it is open only to the group that has hired it.
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