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Originally Posted by tim295 View Post
I think evoGrant makes an interesting point on the s54 if proposing to spend a bunch on the s50b32 - by going to the s54 you immediately get so many small improvements that would cost you loads to do on the s50, and the ecu is better if you want to run a carbon airbox and go alpha-n etc. Shouldn’t be too difficult to fit either.
I think the power in the s50 and s54 is all in the inlet, cams, vanos/cam timing. I reckon with spikier cams, vanos dialed in to suit the cams and intake mods, the s50/s54 should make similar power. It's much more of a proven path on the s54 though.
Also agree with this.

When it got to the pint that I wanted more than 350bhp I punted my s50 on for fair money and got into an s54 for much less and strapped a supercharger to it. Getting 540bhp from an s50b32 is impossible for similar money!
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