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Originally Posted by Matthead View Post
Hi Dave, good to meet you at snett, your car looks ace, goes well too
Glad I was there to help you out mate, at one point you looked like you had lost the will to live haha! Please tell me the key is still lost and you havenít found it
Yeah, I was pretty tired, and it was the last thing I needed, just wanted to get on my way home, and I really am greatful for you guys helping. Would have been stuffed with out you, so again, thank you!

Can confirm that the key is still lost haha, god only knows how, I had it there earlier in the day so can only assume itís somewhere around the circuit and I must have left it in the wheel
Iíve since put studs all round now so that canít happen again!

Really enjoyed the day though, and look forward to the next one.
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