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Originally Posted by e46dave View Post
Was a great day, awesome weather, great people and an all out fantastic day.
Loads of banter, but the red flags were a bit of a joke. 10 by lunch I think it was.
We even had a second briefing in the afternoon as so many people were getting pissed if by it.
Managed to find the limitnof the slicks which I was pleased with, but Iím amazed at how capable the car is. Was some quick laps in there.
Billy, your car was superb on those zestinos, proper decent tyre for the money.
Car ran well all day which was a nice surprise as I was unsure how it would go after a bizarre issue at brands.

Massive thanks to malc and matt for helping me get the slicks off at the end of a long day.

Somehow I lost my locking wheel nut key during the day and no one had the same sized one.
So greatful for you guys helping me out in getting it off or would have been a 2 hour drive home on the slicks.
Look forward to the next one guys, malc, matt, I owe you a cheeky breakfast next time!
Hi Dave, good to meet you at snett, your car looks ace, goes well too
Glad I was there to help you out mate, at one point you looked like you had lost the will to live haha! Please tell me the key is still lost and you havenít found it
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