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So guys it seems weíve established that crank hub spinning is real however judging by the amount of people that actually know about it or happened too itís far and few between. I would probably say that I could map my M3 2016 and be ok but itís of course a risk. One thing I have found out is the N54 and N55 also have the free floating crank hub. My N55 335i was mapped to 410hp and I never had any issues apart from an injector and water pump. No mechanical engine issues.

I have found a couple of repair fixes if people are wanting to tune like myself. The first is the Vargas bolt capture Iíll be honest Iím not sure how much this will help as I donít think itís the bolt coming loose is the issue, I think itís the stalling on the vibration damper during kickingdown or high rpm gear change that causes the whole hub / damper shocking then undoing itself. Surely the bolt capture would just undo with the crank hub / damper plus potentially worsen the issue by adding weight (small amount I know). If it is just the bolt that loosens then it could work.

Next fix is this bloody expensive and I wonder how strong the keyway is. Also itís a big job and if your not technically minded you would need to shell out a fair few £1000ís to sort an issue that might never happen. Would be good if a tuning company in the UK could start offering a fix for the issue or even a package deal like decat, filters, stage 2 and crank bolt fix. Just an idea... Evolve?
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