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Originally Posted by cossie1 View Post
Minimal performance difference.

IIRC Gibbo2005 made just shy of 380bhp with stock intake and Evolve remap (he also went to Evolve as nobody believed the figures were correct, and he put down the same power there too), then he switched to GSR CSL airbox, MSS54HP ecu with CSL sw, TTFS remap and map sensor and pulled just shy of 380bhp again on the same dyno.
380 with stock airbox and maff??? Not likely.

Most std cars are going to put out around 320 of the 338 when new give or take depending on age and condition so no way a remap alone is gonna give you 60bhp!!

360 is the figure with a csl airbox and this seems to be reported by most people who have gone down the csl airbox route. As the csl air boxes have far better airflow and also gets rid of the restrictive maff I can't see how that figure with a stick intake and remap is even remotely possible.

That's more than a stock csl produces!! Lol

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