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Originally Posted by djon View Post
Hi Dali,

Just wanted to say a thanks for your great thread once again. I cleaned my oil separator and noticed a 2/3 MPG increase compared to before, and also used your guide to do the 'stage 1' Besian VANOS upgrade. Along with new plugs/oil my car now feels very healthy indeed. Much punchier and rev more freely. Just waiting to get stage 2 Beisan fitted and valve clearances now...

Thanks again, hope you're still enjoying the M2! I saw my first one on the road yesterday and they certainly look the part.
Cheers djon!

Glad to hear of your positive results with the upgrades, I've just noticed the thread ticker has surpassed 100k views

Yes, very happy with the M2 thanks!

I sorted out the mirrors a few weeks ago and have other things planned for later in the year.

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