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Originally Posted by ADL View Post
Is this your first manual coupe Lee? I used to love my vert but when I bought my coupe the differnce was very apparent. Iíve also had 3 manuals and my previous 2 were notchy and didnít like being cold or driven slowly. Thought it was just Ďone of those thingsí Current one is lovely and smooth tho. How you finding it?
Had a few manuals, all been good to be honest, yes can be notchy at under zero degrees, but most are until a little heat in the oil, never really understood the negativity.

One thing is apparent, it is night and day difference compared to the hateful SMG

As time goes by though, the SMG will be the quirky gearbox associated with the car of its time, and will be just as desirable, but its shocking !!
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