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Originally Posted by Jaxxman81 View Post
This is what I'm thinking- for all the people saying Evolve is lovely but too pricey;

They're quoting 3k for the whole thing fitted parts labour remap wiring etc.
That's what I'm looking for.
You're the only person actually giving a total cost of getting the Karbonius box fitted and driving the way it should .. and there doesn't seem much difference.

Plus the fact Evolve have such a good reputation now in terms of being a proper recognised tuning-house where I could take the car back if it wasn't quite right- it's surely next best thing to an oem one.

I like my DIY around the e46, but really can't be arsed paying 1500 for just a box and then faffing about looking for parts/ wiring and ecu's etc.
Especially if it all adds up to 3k in the end!
It will be circa 2.5/ 3k in the end mate to do a proper job of it but imo karb box is as good or arguably better than oem. Pm Paul Claude for fitting and mapping if hes anything like Martyn who he works alongside I believe you are in very safe hands.
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