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Originally Posted by schooner32 View Post
By the time I had bought the OEM snorkel, paid for my ecu, bought sensors and various other hardware I was 3k Euro before all was functioning and working the way I liked.

I have karbonious. I'd say evolve will work out a tad more expensive but for an all in package it's not a bad price
This is what I'm thinking- for all the people saying Evolve is lovely but too pricey;

They're quoting 3k for the whole thing fitted parts labour remap wiring etc.
That's what I'm looking for.
You're the only person actually giving a total cost of getting the Karbonius box fitted and driving the way it should .. and there doesn't seem much difference.

Plus the fact Evolve have such a good reputation now in terms of being a proper recognised tuning-house where I could take the car back if it wasn't quite right- it's surely next best thing to an oem one.

I like my DIY around the e46, but really can't be arsed paying 1500 for just a box and then faffing about looking for parts/ wiring and ecu's etc.
Especially if it all adds up to 3k in the end!
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