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Thanks for the welcome.

I've some questions now.

The car has ALL of the connected features disabled, which I'm not happy about. I didn't think to ask about these, but there are none of them.

The iDrive is also an older version. The M2 looked like a set of cards moving across the screen when choosing through the top level menus, whereas the M3 is a very old-fashioned menu.

Can I upgrade the interface to match the M2 one, and will I get the nice 3D mapping etc if I do this?

Also, should a one year-old car not have the connectivity enabled?

When I collected it the windows were open which I've now realised was to hide the mild smokers smell that it has, and it's telling me that it needs a service soon, after I'd been promised that it was all done before collection. For a main dealer, I don't think they've really done me right here.
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