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Default About to pick up the new car

Evening all.

It's a good few years since I last had an M3, the last one was an E46, and now I find myself about to get another.

I bought a brand new M2 in March, and it just hasn't hit the spot for me, so I'm swapping it for a white F80 M3 tomorrow.

It stings a bit to drop 9,000 in four months, but I'm not going to stick with a car that I don't want, so off it's going.

The plan is to give it a few weeks to get used to it and then probably see if I can have the output upped a bit. I'll be reading through what others on here have done, and probably have a few questions to ask. I chatted with GAD tuning today who I may give a try if no-one suggests otherwise.
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